Critical Illness Insurance - What The Experts Own


Sean Cooper | Pension Analyst and Financial Journalist

Sean Cooper  Pension Analyst and Financial Journalist 1. What Type of Critical Insurance do you own? Like a lot of companies, my employer offers optional critical illness insurance. I’m able to take advantage of low group rates. I can apply for up to $200,000 in coverage. My plan covers 25 critical illnesses, including blindness, cancer,...
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Brian So | Insurance Advisor, Brian So Insurance

Brian So, insurance advisor from AAFS Insurance, returns for another expert roundup and tells us the critical illness insurance that he owns.
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Mark Seed | Editor-in-chief of My Own Advisor

What kind of life insurance does the editor of My Own Advisor blog, Mark Seed own? We've asked him five questions to find out.
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Barry Choi | Personal Finance & Budget Travel Expert at Money We Have

We reached out to Barry Choi, blogger at Money We Have, to learn what kind of Critical Illness Insurance he owns.
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William Shung | Senior Insurance Advisor

We ask senior insurance advisor, William Shung, what kind of critical illness insurance he has.
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