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Humania Assurance’s New Cancer Insurance Plan

How does cancer insurance work?  In the same way that life insurance pays a lump sum should the insured pass away, cancer insurance pays out a lump sum should the insured be diagnosed with a life-threatening form of cancer. Unlike Life coverage however, cancer coverage will also pay out a partial amount should the insured...
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What Are the Different Death Benefits?

When it’s time for a life insurance policy to pay out, the timing of the cheque’s arrival can be different depending on the type of death benefit your policy comes with. Below are the different types of death benefits available to choose from. Immediate-Pay Death Benefits Traditional Life Insurance pays any immediate death benefit minus...
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Comparing Simplified Issue Term 20 Plans

When it comes to the term life insurance product segment, the Simplified Issue Term 20 space has become highly competitive. For example, Humania Assurance Inc., formerly one of Canada’s oldest life insurance mutual companies as LS Mutual, has entered the market. It already provides heavy competition in the guaranteed-issue no-medical insurance market to more established,...
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Manulife Financial’s Simplified-Issue Term 10 Policy

There are a number of simplified-issue policies to choose from. Which one works for you? Manulife Financial offers a simplified-issue term life insurance policy to applicants aged 18 to 70. The plan is CoverMe Easy Issue Life Insurance. It has no medical tests and two health questions. The premiums are guaranteed for the first ten...
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Humania Assurance Inc. Makes a Splash in the No-Medical Life Insurance Market

Humania Assurance has announced details about its newest no-medical life insurance product that’s actually called Humania Assurance: Insurance Without a Medical Exam. The product is available on the Internet through a broker. It’s designed for people who, for medical reasons, don’t qualify for traditional life, disability, and critical illness insurance.It offers three separate policies, a...
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LS Mutual Becomes Humania Assurance Inc.

With 75 years in the business behind them, LS Mutual has changed its name to Humania Assurance Inc.  “This rejuvenation process was driven by a desire to give the company a more modern, bilingual name that better evokes the human values that guide the company and the health insurance products that characterize it,” says Humania’s...
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