Faith Life Financial

Faith Life Financial – Two Participating Whole Life Solutions

Faith Life Financial offers the following two participating whole life policies: 1. The Whole Life Life Pay plan 2. The Whole Life Life Pay paid-up at 65 Whole life insurance, payable for life, is available to non-smoking applicants age 18 to 75 and smokers up to age 75. (in an odd twist, children 18 and...
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FaithLife Financial: Simplified-Issue Pricing

No medical tests required with non-medical policies. FaithLife Financial offers two non-medical life insurance simplified issue policies. The first policy, Essential Life, offers lifetime protection and the policy is paid-up at the end of a 25 year period. The second policy, Essential Life Plus, provides lifetime protection and the premiums are payable for life.
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Faith Life Financial’s Non-Medical Simplified Issue Policy

Faith Life Financial has two non-medical simplified issue policies called Essential Life Plus and Essential Life. The issue age range on both policies is 40 to 80 and the minimum base amount is $2,000, with a maximum of $25,000. The insured can pay premiums on a pre-authorized monthly or annual basis. The policy fee on...
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