Insurance Tips

Here is a collection of articles written by Chantal Marr and her associates to help you find the right insurance at the right price with the right guarantees. Please email us with any comments or questions!

  1. Life Insurance for Children
    LSM insurance providing insurance advice and solutions for your children.

  2. Life Insurance - What The Experts Own
    What kind of products are actually used by the leaders in the world of finance and insurance business? We've asked them 5 questions to find out.

  3. Inspiring Life Insurance Stories
    The most inspiring insurance stories to ever grace the desks at LSM Insurance.

  4. General Life Insurance Tips
    General life insurance tips including a crucial article on making sure your family gets paid by the insurance company.

    Looking for cheap no medical life insurance? LSM Insurance offers quotes from 20+ insurers across Canada for people with various health pre-conditions.

  6. Whole Life Insurance Tips
    Adventages and disadvantages of Whole Life Insurance. Check out what Lorne S. Marr has to say about this kind of insurance policy.

  7. Life Insurance for Women - Two Steps to Right Insurance
    LSM insurance providing insurance advice and solutions for women.

  8. Term Life Insurance Tips
    Tips about term life insurance tips, including how to avoid getting ripped off when buying term insurance.

  9. Group Insurance Tips
    Advantages of group insurance, including employee retention and lower premiums. Does Group Insurance make sense for your company?

  10. Critical Illness and Disability Insurance Tips
    Canadians are more likely to experience critical illness than to die before age 75. So get the right insurance now while you're healthy.

  11. Life Insurance Medical Tips
    What kind of life insurance to buy if you are in shape and what kind of coverage to seek if you're not.

  12. Mortgage Insurance Tips
    Mortage insurance versus life insurance: why mortgage insurance is almost always a much worse deal.

  13. Investment Tips
    Tax saving and investment tips. How you can buy your insurance almost tax free in many cases.

  14. Find Out What Your Provincial Health Plan Covers
    Find out what your provincial health plan covers - our resources cover the overview of all the provincial health care plans.

  15. Disability Insurance – What The Experts Own
    We decided to dig a little deeper and went back to the well by asking our experts, "What kind of Disability Insurance Do They Own?"

  16. Life Insurance Questions - We've Got The Answers
    The most common questions about life insurance, answered by industry experts.

  1. Pre Existing Medical Conditions
    Many of us have some pre existing medical conditions. While usually considered an obstacle, there are certain life insurance solutions available!


What is more expensive life insurance or Critical Illness insurance. I have a life insurance plan but I’m finding it hard to find a Critcial Illness plan I thinks its important but finding it costly


Hi Lorne

Thanks for all the information that you have provided to us (meaning those seeking to secure our family in the case of something happening). I am a Stay at home mom to 3 and 1 on the way. I am looking for life insurance for me incase something happens. I need a bit of guidance and which would be best for me and my husband.


Hi there… I am new to the life insurance world…. my knowledge is minimal. I am a recently separated with a small toddler… could you help me through this process???

thank you very much

Sridhar J
Sridhar J

Hi Lorne

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are right, most people don’t even know the two types exist. I was one of them till recently.

You site looks professional and full of useful tips. I am checking it out.