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Carolyn Davis-Jardine

As a migraine sufferer with a bad back, she is unable to work and tries to make ends meet on the extremely low fixed income support cheques of the Ontario Disability Support Program. It took her second husband Dan Jardine to insist that the two get life insurance and his help to pay the premiums before she ever considered it as something Then, in August 2010, four short years after purchasing two $25,000 life insurance policies in each other's name, Dan was the victim of a tragic accident. ...
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Lisa Harbinson

Lisa Harbinson wanted a new life insurance policy for her mother Joyce. She thought mom was paying too much at over $100 a month for a $10,000 term policy that she had borrowed money against and now it was time to pay it back. Obviously, Lisa thought it was also definitely time to look for a more reasonable plan that wasn't about to expire. In addition, she began to research the cost of funerals, so she could purchase exactly the amount she needed to give her mother a proper send off, but ...
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