Life insurance in Calgary

Calgary, with highest proportion of young population (70.2%) aged between 15 and 64 and population of 1,488,841 (Calgary CMA – Census Metropolitan Area, 2016) is a major young urban center of Canada.

The life expectancy at birth in this province reached 81.7 years in 2015 increasing by 0.9% from 80.8 years in 2009 which is slightly below the national average of 82.6 for both sexes.

Life insurance is a particularly worthwhile investment for families because it allows you to ensure the financial future of your spouse and your children should you pass away. This way, they can maintain the lifestyle they became accustomed to while you were alive. You can also use life insurance to help your family pay off debts, pay the mortgage, put your children through school or pay for your funeral.

Speaking of mortgage, here are average value for real estate in Alberta and Calgary in particular. Very often, life insurance is used to protect your existing assets such as house, condo, and other properties.

Average real estate price in Canada, July 2018$481, 429
Average real estate price in Alberta, July 2018$385,156
Average real estate price in Calgary, July 2018$430,000
Average real estate price in Edmonton, July 2018$334,400

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LSM Insurance team in Calgary

In Calgary, unless your riding bulls or wild horses during the Stampede, it’s relatively easy to qualify for life insurance and the LSM team has several broker representatives there that will be happy to walk you through the process and find you a quality term life insurance policy that fits your financial needs and family situation.

The team behind LSM’s division in Calgary are Bill Harvey and Darlene Minogue. 

Bill Harvey
(LSM Insurance)

Darlene Minogue
(LSM Insurance)

The above Insurance Consultant is an independent broker and not an employee of LSM insurance or representing LSM Insurance.

Bill moved to Calgary in 1978 from southern Ontario. He is very actively involved in his community and the life insurance industry. He is a past president of community association, Knights of Columbus, and supporter of various charities within the Calgary area. 

He has been associated with LSM Insurance for the past five years and has been a member of the financial industry for the past 30 years. Prior to joining us he was a branch manager for a major financial services company based in Calgary Alberta. During that period he took leadership rolls working with his advisors to help their clientele reach their financial goals while continuing to work with his own clients and helping them achieve financial success.

Bill’s right hand, Darlene Minogue, was raised on the family farm in small town Saskatchewan. She attended the University of Alberta and then returned home to run a small family business. In 1998 the business was sold and Darlene and her family moved to Alberta to a small community outside of Calgary. For the first few years Darlene was a stay at home mom. In 2000 Darlene was approached to enter the financial services industry. Darlene saw a shortage of high quality people within the industry and viewed this as a unique opportunity to use her zest for helping people to build a successful practice (continue reading below…)

Example of Term Life Insurance quotes in Calgary

Female, 51 years old, non-smoker, no serious health pre-conditions, Term 10 life insurance policy for $200,000 coverage

Best quote:
$32 per month

Male, 44 years old, non-smoker, no serious health pre-conditions, Term 10 life insurance policy for $200,000

Best quote:
$25 per month

Female, 35 years old, non-smoker, no serious health pre-conditions, Term 20 life insurance policy for $500,000

Best quote:
$27 per month

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Darlene has been a valued member of LSM Insurance services for the last two years and like Bill she is actively involved in charitable giving. She was a mentor with Big Brothers and Big Sisters for many years and financially support various charities.  She continues to offer quality advice and customer driven service, which is what LSM is all about and values more than anything. 

“I used to be in the construction business and I got tired of being dirty and cold all the time, so it was time for a change and my wife was already in the insurance business on the claims side, so it seemed like a good fit,” says Harvey.

In his 30 years of experience in the life insurance industry, Bill Harvey knows more than a few things about how to properly treat you, the client, and at the top of that list is listening to what you want.

“If we don’t provide a service to a prospect and make them a client, we don’t have anybody. We can’t work with them, so we’ll walk them through the process and make sure they’ve considered all aspects, but if they went in wanting $100,000 worth of term and by the end, they still want $100,000 worth of term. We will give it to them,” says Harvey.

Bill Harvey and Darlene Minogue are all about developing relationships slowly through education and guidance. They aren’t going to badger you into buying something you don’t want and in the long run, they know that this more considered approach will help them build a stronger and longer lasting relationship with you (the client) that will surely benefit you and your family most of all.

“Clients have got to understand that we work for them and sometimes they have a hard time understanding that because they’re bombarded with advertising touting ‘insurance for a dollar a day,’” says Harvey.

“Remember that we don’t work for the insurance companies, we work for you,” he tells clients. “Our interest is in taking care of the best services that you need. ‘From a compensation point of view, all insurance companies are compensated the exact same way and compensation is secondary. The bottom line is, we look after you and you are always in our best interest.”

If you’d like to work with Bill and Darlene, please plug in your information on the right and what kind of coverage you’re looking for below, and someone from the LSM team will be in touch right away.

Bill and Darlene’s – Office in Calgary

In Calgary you can find them at 5920 Macleod Trail SW #505, Calgary, AB T2H 0K2 – see the map below

Click here to get a life Insurance quote or
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Click here to get a life Insurance quote or
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