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LSM Partners with Travel Underwriters to Provide Online Travel Insurance Solutions

December 1, 2009 -- LSM Insurance is proud to announce we will be adding travel insurance to our ever expanding repertoire of online insurance services. LSM has partnered with Travel Underwriters, a company with more than 40 years experience in the travel insurance field, to go beyond providing quotes for our customers and, for the first time ever, hand them the ability to provide travel insurance for themselves and their families right from the comfort of their own living ...
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We first warned our readers about how catching the Swine Flu could put at risk your life insurance plans in July this year. November 2009 Moneysense Alas we were right and the Canadian personal finance magazine Moneysense has just run an article on the issue of Swine Flu and life insurance, quoting me. It's nice to see things early, but it's not so nice for those who catch the Swine Flu and are unable to obtain life insurance for a year, with small children at home. If you are ...
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Globe and Mail: In low times, anxieties run high

Recession takes its toll on mental health as more Canadians lose sleep over job security and finances. There has been a sharp spike in the level of recession-related stress, with working Canadians shouldering heavier workloads and experiencing greater anxiety about job security and personal finances, according to a survey released yesterday. "Employees appear to be working longer hours, as 54 per cent feel the current recession is having an impact on their work/life balance. As ...
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Unknown withdrawal from your bank account from BMO? Don’t panic

Don't panic, say brokers form LSM Insurance. "It's just part of the official transition from AIG Canada to Bank of Montreal." AIG Canada policy holder Dawn Thompson is not happy - "Do you not think AIG could have had the courtesy to notify me? What if I want to speak to someone at BMO about my policy - there are no contacts, no information. Talk about being blindsided!" Apparently BMO Life Insurance did send out notices but a lot of people didn't get them or read them. "It happens all ...
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The Novaks, have a sick child - and a growing financial problem by Julie Cazzin Novaks are living every parent's nightmare. Two years ago, their 11-month-old son Leo fell sick. He suffered for days with what his parents thought was the flu. Then he developed a rash and began to cry in constant pain. For six months, the Novaks ferried Leo from one doctor to another in their hometown of Sudbury, Ont. Nobody could identify his problem. (more…)
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