News from 2014

Life Insurance and Depression – Updated

Depression is a mental illness now being publicly addressed. Back in the day, people never talked about this mental illness. It was thought of as a shameful thing to discuss, and those who were going through depression were embarrassed to address it. By not addressing their depression, many fell victims to suicide, which could have been prevented by seeking help. The public is becoming more aware of depression — especially since famous people have unfortunately succumbed to this ...
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Life Insurance for People with HIV or AIDS

Following 2011, there were an estimated 71,300 people in Canada living with HIV — up from 57,000 in 2005, according to Of these, around 25% were unaware of their infection. An estimated 3,175 new HIV infections occurred in Canada in 2011, which is roughly the same as the figure for 2008. There are options available Generally, those with HIV or AIDS get turned down for traditional life insurance off-hand, but there are guaranteed-issue and simplified-issue providers, which ...
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How Much Does Life Insurance Cost: Five Real-Life Scenarios

With so many insurance calculators out there, sometimes it's important to get real. There are all kinds of life insurance calculators on the Internet, but what does it all really mean when we ask you to click on one at the end of our articles? Is it all just an elaborate sales pitch? Truth is, we're trying to help you. There are so many variables and factors that go into determining how much you'll pay for life insurance that only specific real-life circumstances will suffice in ...
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The Top 5 Life Insurance Loopholes with Ellen Roseman

Ellen Roseman gives us the lowdown on five life insurance loopholes. Life insurance is a difficult concept to wrap one's head around. But even when you think you have more than a basic understanding, insurance contracts are embedded with many loopholes and restrictions that often trip up consumers. As the personal finance columnist for the Toronto Star, Ellen Roseman has written about every one of them, so we invited her to take us through them all and share her candid advice on how to ...
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Assumption Life’s No-Medical InstaTerm Policy

It's not an instant message, it's InstaTerm. Assumption life released its highly anticipated InstaTerm policy over the holiday season. Named 33rd of the top 101 companies to work for in Atlantic Canada, Assumption Life is already a leading carrier in the permanent no-medical life insurance market. It's trying to tap into the increasingly crowded no-medical term insurance market. On the other side of the spectrum, Humania Assurancehas already made a big splash with its ...
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