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News from 2012

Real Life Insurance Stories: Lisa Harbinson and Her Mother Joyce Truman

Lisa Harbinson wanted a new life insurance policy for her mother, Joyce. She thought mom was paying too much at over $100 a month for a $10,000 term policy that she had borrowed money against and now had to pay back. Obviously, Lisa thought it was also definitely time to look for a more reasonable plan that wasn't about to expire. She also began to research the cost of funerals so she could purchase exactly the amount she needed to give her mother a proper send-off, but little did ...
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In a Fight With an Insurance Company: What Are Your Options?

When you're in a dispute with an insurance company, what you do first should depend entirely on the type of claim you have. This could be a personal injury claim, a contractual claim, a long-term disability claim, or a property claim. They all lead back to the insurance contract, but there are different resolutions depending on the type of claim you have. Property Damage Probably the most common type of claim is property damage claims. "Your first line of resolution ispresenting the ...
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