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Chantal Marr Quoted in the Toronto Star

Chantal Marr was quoted today in the Toronto Star in an article about how to save money on life insurance. The Star quotes her regarding the possibility to save money on life insurance policy even after it was purchased. In the article, the president of the LSM Insurance explains the probable procedure of insurance companies in case of re-evaluating the life insurance premium rates and other ways of influencing the costs of life insurance. The article itself deals with the ways of ...
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Long-Term Care Insurance Makes Good Financial Sense

Tim Landry is passionate about Long-term care. Tim Landry started in the insurance business in 1969 with Crown Life and is now a living benefits consultant."I have no interest in retirement. I say to a lot of people that I'll retire three weeks after I die. I'm blessed to like what I do," he says. He has now started, an online and independent living benefits insurance business based in Montreal with broker David Engel. Of all the living benefits products out there, ...
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What Type Of Life Insurance The Experts Own: Mark Seed

Mark Seed Editor of theMy Own Advisor blog 1. What type of life insurance do you own? Through my employer, I am fortunate to be covered for the following: • Basic life insurance • Long-term disability coverage • Business accident travel insurance I hope I never use any of these benefits through work, but this is what insurance does — transfers risk from you to someone else and protects you from the unplanned. Personally, I have a $500,000 term life ...
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What Type Of Life Insurance The Experts Own: Léony deGraaf

Léony deGraaf Independent Financial Advisor, deGraaf Financial Strategies 1. What type of life insurance do you own? I own Term 10, Term 20, and Whole Life Insurance, as well as Critical Illness Insurance on myself. I also own Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance on my husband, and we took over my mother-in-law’s life insurance policy when she was going to cancel it. We are currently using the cash value of a life insurance policy that was put in place for my son’s education 20 ...
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What Type Of Life Insurance The Experts Own: Paul Lalonde

Paul Lalonde CLU President/Advisor at Twin Power Financial 1. What type of life insurance do you own? I love insurance! I own about 14 different life insurance policies on my family. The reason for so many policies is that I have a large term policy and as my financial situation improves, I convert it to participating whole life insurance. It's my favourite insurance, as I love the peace of mind it offers: guaranteed cash values, guaranteed premium, and guaranteed death benefit. ...
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What Type Of Life Insurance The Experts Own: Jonathan Chevreau

Jonathan Chevreau CFO of the Financial Independence Hub 1. What type of life insurance do you own? My wife and I used to have term insurance early in our marriage, but with no debts and a significant net worth later in life — our child now raised and educated — we opt only for the group life coverage provided by our respective employers, including disability insurance. 2. What factors did you consider when determining the coverage amount? Given the above, we figure replacing two or ...
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Life Insurance and The Henson Trust

To a parent, nothing is more important than ensuring the welfare of your child. Your children are your greatest joy — and your greatest challenge. Even after children have grown up, parents will always want to give them the best they can. Even when children pass away, parents want to make sure their children are looked after the best way possible. For the parents of disabled children, this is especially important, as their child may not have the means or the capacity to look after ...
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What Type of Life Insurance the Experts Own: Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Gail Vaz-Oxlade Financial Columnist, Author, and TV Host 1. What type of life insurance do you own? I own a whole life policy, which I purchased 24 years ago. 2. What factors did you consider when determining the coverage amount? What I thought I might need to cover things like my mortgage in the event of my premature death. (more…)
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An Insurance Horror Story: The Suicide Clause

Christine McCarthy was victimized by an abusive husband for years, and now, thanks to his choice to commit suicide, she's being victimized all over again by her insurance company. Her husband's name was Charlie* and he was an abusive alcoholic. The night before his death in April 2003, he had already been arrested for assault on Christine and was out on bail with a restraining order not to come within 30 feet of Christine or her children. "The night he was arrested for the second or the ...
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Life Insurance and Wills

The value of planning ahead: "Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” —Warren Buffett Nobody wants to think about dying. However, most people do want to have some control over how their assets and their money are distributed should their death occur. Exact statistics on the number of Canadians who have made their wills are scarce. But different estimates suggest that between 31* and 56** per cent of Canadians have not created a will. ...
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