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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup For May 22nd 2015

This week we celebrated our very own Aaron Broverman's bronze medal at the Grappler's Heart Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament in New York. On Thursday, we discussed a recent decision by the Canadian insurance provider of University of Waterloo'shealth insurance planto cover Medical Marijuanafor a student. We hope everyone's short week zoomed by. To cap it off, we've rounded up some of the best personal finance reads for you in the LSM Weekly Round Up. We were happy to ...
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Should Medical Marijuana Be Covered Under Private Health Insurance Plans?

Marijuana legalization has been a major political talking point in Canada recently. But, what many people don’t know is that marijuana use for medical purposes has been legal in Canada ever since 2000, when a landmark court ruling struck down the prohibition of medical marijuana. The use of marijuana, also known as cannabis, as a medicinal drug dates back centuries in many cultures. More recent studies have shown that marijuana can provide medical therapy for a myriad of diseases, ...
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LSM’s Aaron Broverman Competes in the Grappler’s Heart Tournament

Thanks toour Director of New BusinessLorne Marr, a black-belt in Tae-kwon-do, and Syed Raza, our Director of Marketing who trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), we've had the pleasure of sponsoring a couple Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitors over the years. But on the weekend of April 25 and 26, LSM took our support of athletes to the next level and participated in something very special. Aaron Broverman is a founding member of our blogging team – writing our articles, ...
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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup For May 14th 2015

We here at LSM are most definitely looking forward to this upcoming May Two-Four Weekend so to get things started we've got a solid list of personal finance articles that should help keep your wallet in check this Victoria Day. On LSM Insurance, we showed how Term to Age 80 products could be an affordable way to secure long-term life insurance coverage. Later in the week, we interviewed the CEOs of the two Peer-to-Peer lenders currently active in Canada, Grouplend and ...
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The Lowdown On Canadian Peer-to-Peer Lenders

Peer-to-peer lending, also known as marketplace lending, is becoming a big topic in the world of personal finance. Peer-to-peer lending is where a business or private investor can lend money to unrelated borrowers without having to go through traditional financial intermediaries. Transactions take place online via a marketplace lender's website. There are three marketplace lenders active in the Canadian direct consumer market so far, Grow,Borrowelland Lending Loop. We ...
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Term Insurance To Age 80: Making Life Insurance Simpler

If you have a family, or loved ones that you want to protect in the event of your death, you have probably considered life insurance. There are a myriad of options available including permanent life insurance and term life insurance. Term life insurance is simple and easy to understand and generally have predictable and very affordable premiums. It can be a great complement to permanent life insurance if that coverage doesn’t give you a large enough dollar amount to fulfill your life ...
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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup For May 8th 2015

This week on the LSM blog we featured Living Benefits expert Kelsey Blinkhorn's recommendations oncritical illness insurance. Later in the week we put together a list of things that many of theworld's most successful investorsdo in common when it comes to investing. We noticed a bunch of great articles throughout the web on topics such as compound interest, frugality versus cheapness and the increase to TFSA limits. Bridget Casey shares the very cool story of ...
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7 Everyday Habits of The World’s Most Successful Investors

Investing is a lot harder than it sounds. For every success story out there, there are multiple stories of failed investments that are never told. If you are a new investor looking to be successful, it’s important that you take a look at how some of the world’s most successful investors act and approach the industry. Many of these aforementioned investors also share similar habits that have proven to be a key to their financial success. Let’s examine seven everyday habits that these ...
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Critical Illness Insurance Expert: Kelsey Blinkhorn

Kelsey Blinkhorn GBA, CHS, CPCA Blinkhorn Benefits Group 1. What Type of Critical Illness Insurance Do You Own? I own a non-cancellable, level premium to age 75 policy with a face amount of $100,000. My policy includes both return of premium on death and return of premium on surrender. 2. What Factors Did You Consider When Determining The Coverage Amount I purchased my policy at age 23. At the time, I determined the appropriate amount of coverage was between 1x and 2x my annual ...
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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup For May 1st 2015

This week at LSM Insurance we published an infographic on insured annuities vs GICs. In this infographic we looked at the pros and cons of each and see which one provides the greater return for retirement income. With a new report out from Moody's Investor Service, we look at what could happen to insurers if the Bank of Canada keeps interest rates low. Finally, we reviewed Wealthing Like Rabbits by Robert Brown, a fun personal finance book that covers the topics of RRSPs, ...
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