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Standard Life’s Perspecta – a Perspective Plan

Standard Life’s Universal Life plan is available to insureds up to the age of 80. Their Universal Life plan, called Perspecta, offers flexible premiums, multiple death benefit and cost of insurance options. The plan has several available add-on options including: 10 and 20-year renewable and convertible term riders; critical illness riders for adults and children; children’s term riders; guaranteed insurability benefit; accidental death benefit; and a disability waiver ...
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Two Advantages – Transamerica Life’s Universal Life Policies

Transamerica Life has two Universal Life policies: Wealth Advantage which, as the name implies is geared more toward individuals who are focused on wealth accumulation; and Estate Advantage, which is designed for income protection and estate preservation. The Wealth Advantage policy has an attractively priced annual renewable term cost of insurance structure; with this option, the life insurance charges are very low in the initial policy years, allowing the plan to maximize cash ...
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Think about your future now – New article on long-term care

According to statistical data, one out of two Canadians are likely to need long-term care after they reach the age of 75. It’s important that we think of these matters in well in advance. That's why we've prepared another addition to our insurance tips section. In this guide we’ll familiarize you with the basics of long-term care policies and the key vocabulary associated with them.
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Life insurers could target U.S. rivals

Canadian life insurance companies could be looking to do a little cross-border shopping, The Toronto Star reported. The paper quotes analyst Michael Goldberg of Desjardins Securities as saying that some American life insurers have seen their financial results stung this week by the tumbling value of their mortgage-backed securities. He notes those lacklustre results are, in turn, creating potential opportunities for their Canadian counterparts. "Weakness in U.S. lifecos may present ...
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Manulife’s Lineup – Full of Built-in Features

Manulife Financial’s disability insurance line-up has five products. Their Proguard Series is geared toward professionals. This is their flagship policy, and includes many built-in features. The plan has elimination periods from 30 days to 2 years. Benefit periods range from 2 years, 5 years and to age 65. The insured’s benefit can range from $200 to $24,500 a month. The Proguard plan also offers a whole host of riders, including a cost of living rider to keep in line with inflation; a ...
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Union of Canada’s Term Insurance Lineup – Pros and Cons

Union of Canada Life Insurance was founded in 1863 and presently operates in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and PEI. They are one of the few companies in Canada to offer a 5-year term policy. The policy is renewable to age 70 and convertible to age 65. The plan pricing, unfortunately, is uncompetitive. Case in point: a 45 year-old male non-smoker who receives standard rates would pay $83.92 a month. That same person could buy the same policy with Unity Life for $42.98 a month, and the ...
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RBC Insurance’s Universal Life Plan

RBC Insurance’s Universal Life plan is available in face amounts of $50,000 to $10,000,000 to applicants from birth to age 80. Similar to other universal life plans on the market, their plan offers flexible premiums, and the investment account grows on a tax-sheltered basis. The insured can choose between a level and increasing death benefit. The former is designed to maximize cash values, while the increasing death benefit pays out the face amount plus the plan’s accumulation ...
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Get to know our Partners!

We have added detailed company descriptions to the list of our insurance and investment partners. These Canadian insurers are leaders in the industry and they provide a wide range of insurance and investment products, so it is worth checking out our assessment of their insurance policies. Already complete with contact info, website links and phone numbers, our guide will be regularly updated to bring you information about the latest insurance products of our partners.
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Manulife Financial Calls for insurance mergers

Manulife Financialchief executive officer Dominic D'Alessandro called on Ottawa to allow this country's financial service players to merge, The Globe and Mail reported today. Now, the insurance industry is a viable competitor on many banking products, he said, as are credit unions and others. "You've got more competition, more choice," he said. “In the last ten years, we've had the insurance industry totally rationalize and three of us are now very large public companies, larger than ...
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Brokers’ Business

Being an independent Life Insurance Broker, Lorne S. Marr knows all about this demanding job. He has decided to share some of his knowledge with his perspective colleagues - aspiring insurance brokers. He and his associates have launched a brand new section of articles written on how to be a better life insurance broker. The latest addition to this growing list of tips for brokers focuses on in-person meetings with Prospective clients.
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