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Referrals – a matter of sincerity and honesty

Many successful businesses are built upon referrals and the life insurance business is no exception. There are many effective methods, which when properly implemented are guaranteed to supercharge the referral results of life insurance brokers. In my latest guide, I will share some of my unique strategies for referral building – these strategies took me many years to perfect. This is just another addition my existing collection of articles written on how to be a better life insurance broker.
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ACA’s Term 28 – a contemporary convertible

ACA Assurance’s Term 28 product is a very unique program. The plan provides for a level premium to age 28, and the coverage is convertible to a permanent plan. This plan is an affordable solution for students and parents and/or grandparents who want to set up a life insurance plan for a child. The ACA Web site suggests it’s a good program for young workers; but in my estimation, it offers little value for a young adult in their 20s. They would be much better going with a ...
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Great savings with Great-West Life

In 2003, Great-West Life Assurance Company acquired Canada Life Assurance Company. The transaction brought together three of the largest insurance companies under one financial roof — Canada Life, Great-West Life and London Life Insurance Company. Great-West Life’s Universal Life plan allows the choice of multiple Costs of Insurance (COI) options, including an increasing COI which allows the applicant to focus on cash accumulation in the early policy years. There is also a ...
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AIG is now BMO:AIG Life can be a great fit

AIG Life has three separate universal life programs with over 400 investment options—so when you go shopping, you’d better pick a broker who knows his/her stuff. AIG’s Life Provider plan is available from birth to age 50, and at face amounts from $25,000 to $500,000. The lower face amounts are great for parents who want to set up a low-cost level rate insurance policy for their children. Larger policy amounts are available under the Life Dimension or Life Dimension ...
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Life insurance companies post solid profits

Canada's life insurance companies are bracing for a slowdown in the U.S. economy, but their executives say they are also hoping to benefit from any shake-out due to tough market conditions, the Financial Post reported. Sun Life Financial Inc. and Manulife Financial Corp. reported solid fourth-quarter profits Thursday despite difficult debt and equity markets, as well as the impact of the stronger Canadian dollar. According to the Financial Post, Sun Life said quarterly earnings rose 1.8% ...
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First online 2008 Canadian income tax calculator released

NEWS RELEASE MARKHAM, Ontario (CA), February 13, 2008 - The first online 2008 Canadian Income Tax Calculator was released today. This tool incorporates all tax rates for all 13 provinces of Canada. “Being a certified financial planner myself, I know just how important this tool can be for the general public,” says Lorne S. Marr, President of Lorne S. Marr (LSM) Insurance Services Ltd. The LSM insurance team is behind the creation of the first online income tax calculator for all ...
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Standard Life’s Perspecta – a Perspective Plan

Standard Life’s Universal Life plan is available to insureds up to the age of 80. Their Universal Life plan, called Perspecta, offers flexible premiums, multiple death benefit and cost of insurance options. The plan has several available add-on options including: 10 and 20-year renewable and convertible term riders; critical illness riders for adults and children; children’s term riders; guaranteed insurability benefit; accidental death benefit; and a disability waiver ...
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Two Advantages – Transamerica Life’s Universal Life Policies

Transamerica Life has two Universal Life policies: Wealth Advantage which, as the name implies is geared more toward individuals who are focused on wealth accumulation; and Estate Advantage, which is designed for income protection and estate preservation. The Wealth Advantage policy has an attractively priced annual renewable term cost of insurance structure; with this option, the life insurance charges are very low in the initial policy years, allowing the plan to maximize cash ...
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Think about your future now – New article on long-term care

According to statistical data, one out of two Canadians are likely to need long-term care after they reach the age of 75. It’s important that we think of these matters in well in advance. That's why we've prepared another addition to our insurance tips section. In this guide we’ll familiarize you with the basics of long-term care policies and the key vocabulary associated with them.
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Life insurers could target U.S. rivals

Canadian life insurance companies could be looking to do a little cross-border shopping, The Toronto Star reported. The paper quotes analyst Michael Goldberg of Desjardins Securities as saying that some American life insurers have seen their financial results stung this week by the tumbling value of their mortgage-backed securities. He notes those lacklustre results are, in turn, creating potential opportunities for their Canadian counterparts. "Weakness in U.S. lifecos may present ...
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