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Mortgage Balances on the Rise

Mortgage Balances on the Rise: How Best to Protect Yourself

In a recent report from TransUnion Canada, the average amount Canadians owe in mortgage debt is up by nearly five per cent, even though real estate sales have declined. The average balance for new-mortgages during the first quarter of 2017 was approximately $280,093, up 8% from the same period a year ago. The increase in mortgage amounts is mainly due to rising house prices. According to TransUnion research director Matt Fabian, despite increasing balances consumers have been able to ...
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Mike Aziz Insurance Agent

What The Financial Experts Own – Mike Aziz

Mike Aziz Senior Vice President of Sales,Canada Protection Plan Michael’s career spans over 20 years in the financial services industry including investments, life insurance and living benefits. Prior to joining Canada Protection Plan, Michael spent 15 years at a large Canadian insurance company working in various roles, including Regional Vice President, Wealth Management and Insurance where he lead national teams of Regional Sales Directors who consistently exceeded their ...
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Is Whole Life Insurance Right for You – What You Must Know

Whole life insurance is a great option for some people, but it may not be the right choice for everyone. Some people believe the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, while others believe just the opposite. What is whole life insurance? It is a life insurance policy that insures you as long as you live. It is both a life insurance and savings product - this policy accumulates value that you can get, either when you surrender policy (i.e. end the policy) or if you decide to borrow ...
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LSM Insurance and Youth Without Shelter 3rd Annual BBQ

My team and I at LSM Insurance recently took part in our 3rd Annual Youth Without Shelter BBQ and as always, it was a great success. We wasted no time firing up the grill and creating delicious meals for kids in need. It is always rewarding to give back to the community when we can and Youth Without Shelter surely is a great organization to give back to. What is Youth Without Shelter? Youth Without Shelter is an emergency residence and referral agency serving homeless youth. YWS ...
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Today’s Question: I’m A Recovering Alcoholic, Can I Get Life Insurance?

Today's Question: I'm a recovering alcoholic, can I still qualify for Life Insurance? The short answer is yes, you absolutely can qualify for Life Insurance if you are a recovering alcoholic. The long answer is, what policy? Determining what policy is best for your individual situation is imperative before you jump right ahead on any policy. There are two types of policies you must fully research and understand. The first plan is a traditional fully underwritten policy. These ...
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Today’s Question: How Do I Build Centres of Influence?

Today's Question: How do I build centres on influence? This question actually comes from a life insurance broker, but really applies to any business. Having an influence on your community is key when it comes to growing your business both online and off. Building centres on influence involves aiding others in building their influence which in turn, they can reciprocate. You must look at it from the other person's perspective- how can you aid them in growing their business and what ...
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We’ve Got The Answers: How Does Accidental Life Insurance Work?

Today's Question: How does accidental life insurance work? First of all, to understand how accidental life insurance works, you have to know what exactly it is. If you are unsure, we did an article for MoneySense Magazine that discussed the premise of accidental life insurance that you can check out here. The key with accidental life insurance is that it is a very profitable product for the insurance company because very few people die by accident. In my mind the bigger issue on ...
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We’ve Got The Answers: How does a Life Insurance Waiting Period Work?

Today's Question: How does a life insurance waiting period work? Generally, most life insurance policies do not have a waiting period, however, there are certain types of policies that do. No medical policies, where there is no medical test and a series of health questions, do have a waiting period. So, how exactly would a waiting period work? If the insurer were to pass away within the first two policy years, the death benefit is limited to a return of premium plus, depending on ...
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High sugar intake can increase depression in men

Study Suggests Excessive Sugar Intake Could Increase the Risk Of Depression in Men

Researchers have discovered a profound link between the consumption of sugar and depression in men. Women, however didn't show this association. Quite the opposite, in fact. This study may prove the age-old belief that women need more sugar than men. The study was conducted over a 23 year period by researchers from University College London (UCL) with a control group of 5000 men and 2000 women. Diets and common mental health problems were examined and the results revealed that men who ...
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Disability Insurance Facts

10 Facts You Need To Know About Disability Coverage

Imagine not being able to work and earn a living for your family. It's not something most people want to think about on a daily basis. Protecting your livelihood with adequate disability insurance can mean the difference between maintaining your standard of life or being forced to make drastic cuts in household spending after being hit with a life-changing injury or illness. Your ability to earn a income is your single greatest insurable need. Being prepared for the worst and having ...
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