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Life Insurance Claims and COVID-19 | Will Your Claim Be Paid?

COVID-19 Pandemic in Canada The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to spread around the world with nearly 500,000 infected and more than 20,000 deaths to date. Although Canada appears to be escaping the brunt of the impact, our country is still affected with over 3,000 cases and 30+ deaths as of March 25, 2020. With numbers rising sharply in some countries such as Italy (~ 75,000 cases / ~7,500 deaths) and America (~70,000 cases / 1,000 deaths), and with no vaccine in place ...
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Term 100 : Everything You Need to Know

What is Term 100 life insurance? Even though it says “Term” in its title, Term 100 is actually a permanent policy. That means the premium doesn’t increase and the policy is in force for the life insured’s lifetime. Unlike other permanent policies, however, Term 100 does not have a cash value (cash savings that build up when you pay the premium). Think of Term 100 like a stripped-down whole life policy – you get lifelong protection, but since there are no extras, the premium is much ...
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Life Insurance and Coronavirus (COVID-19) | What You Must Know

What is Coronavirus and why is it so scary for life insurers? The entire insurance business is based on risks and the ability to evaluate them. At the same time, life insurance companies do not like situations where they do not have enough information and statistics about risks related to their potential customers. People who have or had Coronavirus (also called COVID-19) represent this case. The current outbreak of Coronavirus has already infected over 70,000 worldwide resulting, so ...
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Infinite Banking – Everything You Must Know

Introduction Infinite banking is a very interesting financial concept that uses whole life insurance to execute on a number of financial operations that are typically available only through a bank. This is why the infinite banking concept is sometimes called “being your own banker.” The concept won some popularity in the U.S. and also in Canada. In this article, we asked one of the leading Canadian experts on this topic, Glen Zacher, to share his experience and knowledge. What is infinite ...
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