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My Personal Account of Whole Life Insurance

I was unknowingly introduced to the value of life insurance when I was about one month old. My father, Larry Marr, a Chartered Accountant at the time, purchased a life insurance policy on my behalf from North American Life. Wisely (in my opinion), he had already purchased policies for my two older brothers. My brothers – one a successful Lawyer and the other an equally successful Journalist – did develop some health challenges down the road and these Whole Life policies, which included ...
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What The Financial Experts Own: Samuel Waxman

What type of life insurance do you own? I currently have a Whole Life insurance policy on myself that has guaranteed cash values and an increasing dividend. What factors did you consider when determining the coverage amount? When determining a coverage amount for life insurance, I believe it is important ...
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We’ve Got The Answers: Is Life Insurance A Tax-Efficient Product?

I have been asked many times, especially closer to the tax season if life insurance really is a tax-efficient product. Life Insurance is definitelya tax-efficient product and provides a plethora of benefits surrounding your tax dollars. While some of the benefits are evident, there are a few under the surface that many do not know about. For one, the premiums are paid out tax-free. This applies when paying for the ...
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What The Financial Experts Own – Liberty Nobula

What type of disability insurance do you own? My company is a consultancy serving insurers, employers, and intermediaries such as agents and brokers – I do not offer insurance. What factors did you consider when determining the coverage amount? I do not offer insurance but the South African market determines coverage ...
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Top Employee Benefit Companies in Canada

Once a year Benefits Canada releases a report on employee benefits coverage in Canada. These figures represent the top Canadian benefits providers. Changing demographics, expensive prescription drugs and an increase in chronic diseases at various states have put a strain on group benefits paid for by the employer. Financially strapped companies must focus on remaining competitive in their field and lowering operating costs, while still retaining a competent workforce. To be a top ...
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Why Is Disability Insurance So Important?

LSM Insurance reached on to Jaclyn Nemethy - Regional Sales Director at IA Excellence to get her insights. Jaclyn is known for her thorough knowledge and providing her advisors with exceptional support and training on all the living benefits solutions IA Excellence can offer. She sits on the Advocis Toronto Chapter Board as a Director. She recently attained her CHS designation and is now working towards her CLU designation. Do you feel as if Canada's disability insurance market is ...
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What The Financial Experts Own – Peter Wouters

What type of life insurance do you own? Permanent participating; UL, T100 and some T10 in addition to optional group life insurance. What factors did you consider when determining coverage amount? Which ones may continue indefinitely? What is the best use of capital to pay off obligations and provide estate ...
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Today’s Question: Does Children’s Life Insurance Make Sense?

Today's Question: Does children's life insurance make sense? The short answer is, yes, it makes sense. I have three children and I have purchased a policy on each of them. My father also bought a policy for myself as well as my two brothers when we were younger. A big advantage to the policies that he purchased on us is that they were with Manulife at the time, which when the company demutualized, we qualified for a ...
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What Makes Canada Protection Plan Different – Q&A with Mike Liem

[caption id="attachment_14491" align="alignleft" width="368"] Mike Liem Regional Sales Director at Canada Protection Plan[/caption] Can you tell me a bit about your background? How did you get started in the insurance industry? I started in the financial industry over 20 years ago in banking at Scotiabank and CIBC. 8 years ago, I joined Desjardins Financial Securities ...
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We’ve Got The Answers: How Can Music Impact My Life Insurance?

Today’s Question: How can music impact my life insurance? I’m wearing a Sting shirt today from a recent concert I went to and it got me thinking about two things that I am really passionate about. The first is fitness and health. As many of you know, I started a website called FitAfter45 which focuses on staying fit and healthy as you get older. This leads me to the second thing I am very passionate about and that is ...
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