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We’ve Got The Answers: How Can Exercise Save Me Money On My Policy?

"It all starts with exercise." Fitness is an integral part of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Whether you exercise hours on end a day or partake in a nice, daily stroll, you are doing your physical part to ensure your body is taken care of. A lot of you who know me personally know that I started a fitness blog, FitAfter45, a little while ago. My blog is aimed at helping others find passion in their journey and ...
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We’ve Got The Answers: How Does The Legalization of Marijuana Impact Life Insurance?

Earlier this summer, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Canadians will legally be allowed to consume marijuana starting on October 17th, 2018. Those consuming marijuana recreationally will not face criminal penalties (provided they are following reasonable precautions, i.e., not consuming whilst operating a motor vehicle). Many individuals have been very vocal about their stance on the legalization of ...
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We’ve Got The Answers: What Are Some Disability Insurance Solutions for Truckers?

Jaclyn Nemethy, Regional Sales Director at IA Excellence, joined me to discuss yet another hot-button topic. We previously talked about disability insurance and what makes IA Excellence unique. Another topic that quite a few truckers ask me about is disability insurance for truckers. We get a lot of truckers, as well, asking about disability solutions and I know IA Excellence does a great job at targeting that middle ...
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Five Technologies That Are Transforming Insurance Brokerages

Technological innovations are making breakthroughs in a number of industries, and it’s no different for the insurance space. From evolving the ways brokers and brokerages serve customers to reducing the costs of operations and sales, such as through automation, or reinventing business models (i.e. direct online insurance), few other factors affect the insurance industry to the same extent as technology. In fact, insurance companies and brokers are constantly trying to evolve to meet the ...
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We’ve Got The Answers: How Do I Harness the Power of Focus?

When it comes to many areas of our lives, there are traits that can aid us in succeeding in all of them. I touched on empathy previously and discussed how it can help in the work, family, social, and fitness aspects of your life. This week, I wanted to talk about another trait that can help in all areas of our lives, as well. That is the power of focus. From a young age, we are educated on the importance of focus. ...
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Mortgage Insurance: 6 Must-Know Facts Before You Buy It

Insurance experts find some products more useful than others. For example: term life insurance, disability insurance, and critical illness insurance can change your life if you need the policy to pay out. However, mortgage insurance, accidental death insurance, and some other products fall into a category of "less useful products." This is because a carefully constructed life insurance plan can eliminate the need for some policies. For example, let’s take a look at mortgage ...
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We’ve Got The Answers: How Does Empathy Relate to Selling?

When it comes to selling a product/service, whether that be life insurance or something else, you have to always keep one thing in mind- the client. In order to be successful when selling, you have to fully understand the clients wants and needs. Selling is not about relaying a product/service to a person, coercingthem to purchase it, then turning a blind eye; there needs to be a connection between the seller and the ...
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We’ve Got The Answers: What is The Edge’s Target Market?

I am joined, once again, my Doug Paton, sales consultant at The Edge, to discussyet another interesting topic. This week, we discussed target markets. No matter what business/field you are in, you are serving a certain audience who will benefit greatly from what you have to offer. The Edge does exactly this. While they strive to provide excellent service to everyone, there is a target demographic they reach better ...
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Accidental Death Insurance: What You Must Know before Buying it

Some insurance products are quite straight-forward (e.g. term life insurance), but others were created when insurance companies saw an opportunity in the market to increase their sales while reducing their own risk of needing to pay the claims. Accidental death insurance (often called accidental death and dismemberment) is one of these products. Think of this product this way: “If you look for a simple explanation, imagine all life insurance products to be cars. Your accidental death ...
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We’ve Got The Answers: What Is Access Life?

Lorne: I am joined today by Jaclyn Nemethy, Regional Sales Director at IA Excellenceand we have shared some great discussions regarding the insurance industry. One of the topics that really caught my attention was access life. We have a lot of brokers asking us about the product and I thought it would be a great opportunity to hear more about it. Jaclyn: Thank you for having me, Lorne and I would certainly love to provide more detail about the access life product. It was ...
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