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Which Countries Have the Most People Over 100?

Despite widespread obesity and unhealthy lifestyles, more people today live to 100 years of age or longer than ever before in recorded history. Medical advancements, health awareness and other factors play a large roll in this trend, but which countries have the most people over 100? According to the most recent statistics available, the largest number of centenarians live in the United States. There are reportedly 72,000 people 100 or older, representing approximately 0.022% of the ...
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Life Insurance Expert Miles Rubinoff

What The Financial Experts Own – Miles Rubinoff

Miles Rubinoff President,Brash Financial Inc. Over 20 years experience in the Financial Services industry, providing sales development and education to advisors, clients and distribution channels. I have held Senior Executive Sales Management and Leadership roles representing Insurance companies, Financial Management Companies and Brokerages working across the Country in Insurance, Investments and Insurance and Investments field. I now focus and ...
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10 Tips For No Medical Insurance Shoppers (Infographic)

Have you been told by an insurance advisor that you are ineligible for life insurance? Fear not, you may have some options. Not all advisors distribute no medical life insurance or they may overlook this type of policy when advising their high-risk clients. No medical policies cover your life like a traditional life insurance policy, without having to complete medical tests during the application process. Some plans will ask a few questions, others ask no questions at all. These plans ...
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Working Out is the Ultimate Insurance Policy

First off let's take a quick look at what this article not about, it's not about how working out will save you money on your insurance premiums. While it is a fact that healthy people pay less money for both their life and disability insurance, that’s certainly not the main benefit, and not what we are going to be addressing here. What I will be addressing is that working out creates time and increases the likelihood that you will have more time to create the best life possible. Working ...
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