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News from 2016

Obesity Rates Around the World (Infographic)

Obesity is not a disease, but it can lead to a wide range of health conditions such as diabetes, liver disease, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, as well as breast, colon and prostate cancer. Obesity is classified as having a body mass index over 30 kg/m2. The problem exists all over the world and has seen a steady increase over the past few decades. According to the CIA’s World Factbook, the most obese countries are smaller nations such as American Samoa (74.6%), Nauru (71%), Cook ...
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lsm insuranse

LSM Insurance Services Limited Helping Canadians Since 1993

LSM Insurance began it’s journey of helping Canadian families and business owners meet their insurance needs in 1993. After completing his MBA at the University of Windsor and putting in some time at Metropolitan Life, Lorne Marr founded LSM Insurance Services Limited. Since then he has won numerous sales and services awards and has appeared in the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Toronto Sun, The Investment Executive and Money Sense Magazine. Mr. Marr was ...
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20 No Medical Life Insurance Tips

The No Medical Life Insurance market in Canada is exploding. More and more people are opting for the convenience of obtaining life insurance without a medical. No Medical Life Insurance policies fall into 2 categories: Guaranteed Issue (no medical exam and no health questions) Simplified Issue(no medical exam and anywhere from a 2 to 25 + health questions) No Medical policies are available as Term policies – where the cost starts off low and increases as you get older or ...
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How To Get A Job In the Life Insurance Industry

The Canadian life insurance industry provides a wide range of financial security products to nearly 28 million Canadians. These products include individual and group life insurance, individual and group annuities (such as RRSPs, RRIFs and TFSAs) and supplementary health coverage. This makes it a major employer, providing full or part-time jobs for approximately 150,100 Canadians. There about 66,400 people that work for life and health insurance providers full-time and some 83,700 ...
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Even Celebrities Need Life Insurance

Danica Patrick, a professional race car driver, risks her life every time she gets behind the wheel, so she knows the importance of having life insurance to protect the financial future of her loved ones. As the celebrity spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM), she hoped to inspire others to follow her lead. The annual campaign, coordinated by Life Happens, is designed to encourage the millions of people currently living with inadequate protection. Danica's message is ...
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life insurance canadians increasing debt load

Canadians Need More Life To Cover Their Increasing Debt Load

According to a recent report in the Investment Executive, Canadians are accumulating more and more non-mortgage debt, however delinquency rates remain. The rise in debt is partially attributed to historically low interest rates. Frances Wooley, professor of economics at Carleton University, says that most people with too much debt already know they may have a spending problem, so trying to tell them to control their spending has minimal effect. Just about anyone can get a credit card and ...
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Assumption Life Revamps It's Simplified Issue Lineup

Assumption Life Revamps It’s Simplified Issue Lineup

The life insurance industry hasn't changed much since its inception. Experts in the field feel that it is high time it does and are making changes to bring life insurance into the 21st century. Some companies are already implementing major changes like classifying marijuana users as non-smokers and revamping Simplified Issue plans. We asked Pamela Kwiatkowski, Associate Vice President, Individual Insurance and Investments, Assumption Life about the recent changes to their Simplified ...
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Ticket Giveaway: Canadian Personal Finance Conference 2016

The Canadian Personal Finance Conference (CPFC)is returning to Toronto this year on November 19th & 20th (Saturday & Sunday). The idea behind the conference is to bring the best Canadian personal finance minds together in one place. They've achieved that goal in previous years, hosting speakers such as David Chilton,Rob Carrick,Bruce Sellery,Mark Goodfield,Big Cajun Man,Kerry K. Taylor and several other personal finance experts. Below is ...
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Guaranteed Issue Plans in Canada

Non-medical Life Insurance means you do not have to take any tests or visit a doctor for your application to be approved, however you may still have to answer some medical and lifestyle questions. There are two basic types of non-medical policies: Guaranteed Issue Coverage and Simplified Issue Coverage. Guaranteed Issue Coverage This type does not require you to answer any health or lifestyle questions or take any medical tests. You are covered immediately without going through the ...
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Canada Protection Plan Increases Coverage Levels

Good news for people facing difficult roadblocks when trying to buy life insurance. Canada Protection Plan, the leading No Medical and Simplified Issue insurance provider in the country, now guarantees that no applicants will be turned away when they attempt to obtain protection for their loved ones. “Whether you have health issues, are in good health, new to the country on a work permit, participate in extreme sports or simply want reliable, affordable coverage quickly and are ...
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