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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup February 19th 2015

This week we started early with an article that suggests ideas for how to show your loved ones you care about them any time not just for Family Day. Pension analyst and financial journalist,Sean Cooper, brings his knowledge to our critical illness insurance experts roundup. You can read all about his thoughts on critical insurance hereincluding his thoughts on if critical illness insurance is underestimated or not. Lastly, we report on the Supreme Court of Canada's new ruling ...
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Will The Assisted Death Ruling Affect Life Insurance Claims In Canada?

In a historic ruling presented on February 6, 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada has struck down a ban on doctor-assisted deaths for terminally ill patients who are suffering physically or psychologically. This decision came as a response to the Carter v. Canada (AG) case, in which various parties representing two women, Kay Carter and Gloria Taylor, challenged the prohibition on doctor-assisted deaths. According to the Supreme Court, the prohibition on doctor-assisted deaths was found to ...
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Sean Cooper | Pension Analyst and Financial Journalist

Sean Cooper Pension Analyst and Financial Journalist 1. What Type of Critical Insurance do you own? Like a lot of companies, my employer offers optional critical illness insurance. I’m able to take advantage of low group rates. I can apply for up to $200,000 in coverage. My plan covers 25 critical illnesses, including blindness, cancer, heart attack, kidney failure and stroke. 2. What factors did you consider when determining the coverage amount? I decided against buying ...
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5 Ways To Show Your Loved Ones You Care About Them On Family Day

Not spending enough time with family members has quickly started to become a huge problem in North American society. For adults, inflexible and long work hours often make it hard to set out time to spend with family members. The problem isn’t just with adults though. Because of the rise of technology, more and more children often spend an increasing amount of time shut up in a room while on their computers or playing video games.With the Family Day holiday coming up, try using this time ...
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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup February 13th 2015

The cold of winter is creeping into the office today and all across Canada. At times like these you just want to stay inside and curl up reading a good book, watch a movie or read the finance articles you missed this week. On Monday we put together a call for everyone to come out to the Lupus Bowl. This event is hosted in conjunction with Lupus Ontario and ourselves. The event is held today at 6:30pm at World Bowl on9 East Wilmot Street. Come on out for a good time for a great ...
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8 Activities To Celebrate Valentine’s Day On A Budget

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching this Saturday, it’s time for you to start thinking about what you’ll be doing with your significant other on this occasion. While having a memorable time with your significant other is the main priority, you should also want to be cost-conscious at the same time. Remember: you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to have fun or make your partner feel special. Let’s take a look at eight fun activities that you and your companion can do on a ...
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Which Savings Plan Is Right For You? TFSAs vs RRSPs

There are several different options when it comes to creating a savings plan. Two popular choices include both a registered retirement savings plan and a tax-free savings account. In this infographic we break down whether if a RRSP or TFSA is the right savings account for you.
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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup February 6th 2015

This week, to celebrate the event of the Super Bowl last weekend, we look back on professional athletes who dropped the ball on their finances. The day after we conducted an in-depth report on how one insurance broker was able to convince BMO Insurance to pay out a claim without a premium. Following that we shared two life insurance tips that prove useful. The first tip is a set of insurance policies that you might want to consider if you areself-employed. The second tip is that you ...
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5 Medications That Could Affect Your Life Insurance Application

If you are taking powerful medications for a serious illness or condition, it may not be easy for you to get a life insurance policy at the standard premium rate. This is because many of these medications have side effects that could negatively affect the user, making it more risky for an insurance carrier to cover them. During the underwriting process for a life insurance policy, many insurance companies will want to know if you are currently taking any medications. If you answer in ...
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BMO Insurance Pays a Claim Without a Premium

BMO agreed to pay a policy without a premium. We often hear those stories about a beneficiary's battle with a loved one's insurance company to pay out a claim. In many cases they end with the insurance company refusing to pay.The following story is one exception. The world shattered for Thornhill, Ontario's Cherniavski family on June 10, 2013. The Toronto Star reported that this was the day when their beloved daughter, 28-year-old Biana, went out to walk her dog Harley and never ...
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