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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup For March 6th 2015

Welcome to our weekly personal finance roundup. This week we celebrated the success of raising over $2,500 for Lupus Ontario at the Lupus Bowl in February. We put together a infographic to break down the differences between the three different types of permanent life insurance. Lastly, I made my first post this week on the topic of self-insuring. He weighs the advantages and disadvantages of self-insuring your business. The articles below share words of encouragement if you have ...
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Life Insurance in St. Catharines, Ontario

St. Catharines is the largest city within the Niagara Region reaching a population a metropolitan population of 392,184 people. St. Catharines' nickname The Garden City comes from the fact that it has 1,000 acres of green space including parks, trails and gardens. St. Catharines' heraldry motto of "industry and liberality" which reflects the city's most dominant industry, manufacturing. Recently, St. Catharines has started to shift its focus to service and telecommunications. The location ...
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Is Self-Insuring Health Insurance A Good Idea For Your Business?

With the rising cost of group insurance plans premiums, more and more business are switching to self-insured medical and short-term disability insurance plans. With a self-insurance plan, an employer will keep a reserve of funds to cover their employee’s health, medical and disability expenses. By doing this, the employer doesn’t have to buy group insurance and pay monthly premiums to a third-party insurance company. There are several advantages and disadvantages of self-insuring your ...
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2015 Lupus Bowl Raises Over $2,500 For Lupus Ontario

Lupus Ontario and LSM Insurance came together on February 13th 2015 at 6:30 p.m. to host the 2nd Annual Lupus Bowl, raising over $2,500. The event was held at World Bowl in Richmond Hill. We would like to thank everyone who were able to make it to the Lupus Bowl to show your support for Lupus Ontario including Industrial Alliance, CPPandForesters Life.All donations made will be providing support to those living with lupus, as well as, educate others about this disease, ...
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The Types of Permanent Life Insurance

There are two major types of life insurance that you could own. The first is term life insurance which is a product that will cover you for as long as the term is. An example of term life insurance is Term 20 which will cover you for 20 years after which your premium rate would typically skyrocket. The second type of insurance is permanent life insurance. Just like the name suggests, permanent life insurance will cover you for your entire life. There are three forms of permanent life ...
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Weekly Personal Finance Roundup February 27th 2015

This week there was an enormous uproar in the space of Canadian personal finance with a report coming out on how the limit increase of TFSAs could cost the government billions of dollars. These reports were published by the Parliamentary Budget Office andBroadbent Institute. For more information on these reports you can read up our thoughts here. We were able to get a quote from Big Canjun Man on his view on the topic of raising the TFSA limit. Also this week, chartered ...
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10 Sports Injuries That Could End An Athlete’s Career

Regardless of what sport, players play best when they're in their top form. Even with every precaution taken to prevent players from hurting each other such as rules and padding, they are still at risk to major and serious injuries; since a players lively hood depends on them playing the game, a players health truly is essential. The list below is a compilation of injuries that can unfortunately end their careers prematurely. Post-Concussion Syndrome The most common among such serious ...
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TFSA Limit Increase Could Cost Canada Billions and Only Benefit The Ultra-Rich

Late last year, the Harper government said they were going to keep to their promise of increasing the annual contribution amount for Tax-Free Savings Accounts to $10,000. Recently, two separate studies were released stating that an increased limit on TFSAs will cost the government billions of dollars and will work towards the benefit of the wealthy. These reports come from Parliamentary Budget Office and the Broadbent Institute. Parliamentary Budget Office Tax-Free Savings Account ...
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Robin Taub | Chartered Professional Accountant

[caption id="attachment_11180" align="aligncenter" width="245"] Robin-Taub-Insurance-Expert[/caption] Robin Taub Chartered Professional Accountant - 1. What Type of Life Insurance do you own? We own term life insurance. 2. What factors did you consider when determining the coverage amount? We looked at our outstanding liabilities. We also considered how much capital we would need to generate enough investment income to help meet our living expenses. 3. Do you ...
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Why You Don’t Want To Win A Darwin Award

Last night the highly acclaimed Academy Awards took place. All year actors, actresses and directors desire to win the prestigious Oscar. However, there is an award that you might not want to win. Every year, there are countless cases of people causing their own deaths due to their stupidity or carelessness. These people are often posthumously presented with a Darwin Award, a tongue-in-cheek honour loosely based off scientist Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection. The Darwin ...
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