Weekly Personal Finance Round For April 17th 2015

Posted on April 17, 2015 and updated April 17, 2015 in Life Insurance Canada News, Weekly Round-up 2 min read
Weekly Personal Finance Reading Roundup

This week at LSM Insurance, adding to our life insurance experts roundup, we interviewed the principal of Aleph Investments, David Merkel. Chantal also guest posted at Jonathan Chevreau’s blog Findependence Hub. Her article tackled the topic of when you should buy life annuities. Our other article for this week included 10 financial planning designations that you need to know about. 

We noticed a lot of great articles this week that asked us questions and made us face reality regarding our personal finances. 

The golden rule of personal finance is easy to understand but hard to implement. Pay yourself first and spend less than you earn. Mark Seed from My Own Advisor gives us a few additional rules to follow. 

Rob Carrick asks whether or not its a good thing that banks are giving us low mortgage rates

Ben Carlson’s blog, A Wealth of Common Sense, reminds us that Wall Street is not going to give up to the financial consumer.

Krystal Yee of Give Me Back My Five Bucks asks the question, would you consider buying a pre-constructed condo?

Michael James on Money debates whether it’s wiser to invest or pay your mortgage down first. 

My Own Advisor
My Own Advisor

Always great to be in the roundup! Thanks for the mention and enjoy your weekend!


LSM Insurance
LSM Insurance

You’re welcome Mark!