Weekly Personal Finance Roundup March 13th 2015

 Weekly Roundup Smart Kid

Our articles for this week offers advice on purchasing your life insurance policy and how the life insurance industry can appeal to a younger generation. One life insurance tip is to ask about the 10-Day Free Look Period. In the article, we explain exactly what this is and how it may help you if you get stuck in a bad life insurance policy. 

We also looked into the disconnection between life insurance companies and millennials. One way to close the gap between life insurance companies and millennials is for these companies to start embracing and engaging more on social media. 

Chantal made a guest appearance on Findependence Hub. Her article revealed the secrets of what your life insurance broker might be hiding from you. 

Our collection of articles in our weekly personal finance roundup cover investments, annuities, the housing market, security of your debit card and the true meaning of frugality. Happy Friday the 13th and enjoy your weekend!

This week Marie Engen from Boomer and Echo examines the differences between people who are cheap and people who are frugal. People who are cheap are more worried about their finances, while, people who are frugal tend to be worried about the value of a purchase. 

Barry Choi of Money We Have reminds us that security of a debit card and Interac is greater than the security of your credit card.

Jessica Moorhouse from Mo Money Mo Houses writes the ever climbing price of houses in Toronto. 

Merissa from Thirty Six Months teaches us how to pick stocks the smart way. She offers characteristics of a good or bad investment and lists pitfalls that trap early investors.

Michael James On Money reminds us of inflation when it comes to annuities. If you start your payments into an annuity too early, inflation might take away some of the growth being made.

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