LSM Insurance Hosts BBQ For Youth Without Shelter

Posted on March 24, 2015 in Life Insurance Canada News, LSM In The News
Lorne Marr And Family Youth Without Shelter
Lorne Marr And Family Preparing Sandwiches For Youth without Shelter

LSM Insurance is hosting a BBQ this summer to help feed Youth without Shelter. The event will be held June 11th 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at 6 Warrendale Court, the headquarters for Youth without Shelter. The address is located in the Kipling and Albion area.  

Last week, Lorne Marr and his family put together 50 nutritional lunches for hungry youths. Mike Burnett, Event and Education Facilitator, reached out explains the importance of providing a nutritional lunch.

Thank you for your generosity in providing such wonderful lunches to our 50 young residents. Having nutritious and hearty goes a long way to improve self-esteem, food security, and show them that their community cares about them.

More information of the BBQ will be available when we come closer to the date of the event. Until then, you too can help provide nutritional brown bagged lunches for youths. If you want to learn more about YWS, or find out how you can help, you can email YWS

Brown Bag It

Youth without Shelter is Etobicoke’s singular emergency residence for homeless youth. YWS was created in 1986 by a group of teachers and guidance counselors that were frustrated about the lack of emergency housing and support for students. Since then, YWS has helped house 4,000 homeless youth. Along with housing, YWS have been able to instill life-skills and confidence in these youths to help them find long-term housing and jobs. Youth without Shelter provides programs and services that ensures every youth will have the support to reach their potential.

The youth that come to YWS are mostly coming from abusive homes. Much of their lives have experienced some form of violence and poverty. They come to YWS with limited life skills and do not have the know-how to look after themselves. The youth that are served come across the Greater Toronto Area with a wide array of economic and cultural backgrounds. The location of YWS is in Jamestown, a United Way Toronto designated priority neighbourhood. Some issues that YWS help youth with are substance abuse, mental illness, pregnancy and problems with the law. YWS provides a safe and stable environment for all these needs and more. 

Last year, Youth without Shelter was able to provide over 17,000 nights of shelter and 85,000 nutritious meals. YWS also helped 89 youth find permanent housing and 46 youth with a job through their employment program.

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