Life Insurance in Edmonton, Alberta

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Edmonton is the capital of the province Alberta. Edmonton is best know as “Canada’s Festival City” as it hosts numerous year-round festivals. Edmonton is home to the largest mall in Canada, West Edmonton Mall. It is also home to Canada’s largest living history museum, Fort Edmonton Park. The metropolis of Edmonton has a population of 1,159,869 making it the 6th largest city of Canada. 

Our office in Edmonton, provides excellent service and always there to answer your questions. The life insurance products that we offer include term life insurance, whole life insurance and universal life insurance. 

On top of life insurance, we also provide insurance policies that help in cases where you are considered disabled or suffer from a critical illness. Our disability insurance and critical illness insurance will meet your expectations in times of need.

Another insurance product we offer, is health insurance. Our health insurance policies will be able to cover you for prescription drugs, home care, long-term care, prescription glasses and dental care. 

If you are looking for a free life insurance quote feel free to enter in your details below and we will get that to you as soon as possible.

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