Weekly Personal Finance Roundup For January 2nd 2015

Marriage Finance Security

We hope you had a great New Year! Have you set up your New Year resolutions? Some of the websites we have collected for the roundup this weekend have set up theirs. Here are some articles to keep you busy this weekend:

InsuranceHunter.ca lists out some great insurance resolutions for the New Year

Wondering when the best deals are? SimplyFrugal.ca gives readers the inside scoop on yearly sales cycles

BlondeOnABudget.ca breaks down her total spending for 2014

ModestMoney.com launches their Moneystepper 2015 Savings Challenge   

Dan Bortolotti of Moneysense.ca gives the full rundown on Canadian Discount Brokerages

CanadianBudgetBinder.com shares some pitfalls associated with marrying someone just for money

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