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Life Insurance and Wills

The value of planning ahead: "Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” —Warren Buffett Nobody wants to think about dying. However, most people do want to have some control over how their assets and their money are distributed should their death occur. Exact statistics on the number of Canadians who have made their wills are scarce. But different estimates suggest that between 31* and 56** per cent of Canadians have not created a will. ...
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Desjardins Acquires State Farm Canada’s Business

Desjardins Financial has agreed to purchase the Canadian life insurance and P&C business of State Farm Canada, as well asas its mutual fund, loan, and living benefits business. Obviously subject to regulatory approval, the deal is expected to officially close a year from now, in January 2015. Desjardins will operate State Farm's business in Canada under the State Farm brand for an agreed-upon period afterward. The deal will make Desjardins the fourth largest life and health ...
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Life Insurance for Newborns

According to Statistics Canada, there are more than 350,000 children born in Canada every year. Many financial experts say that life insurance for newborns doesn't make sense. The common rationale is that you're not financially dependent on your baby, but rather, your baby is financially dependent on you.This makes sense on the surface, but what about the parent who likes the idea of giving the child a head start? If you look at it this way, insuring a newborn offers plenty of ...
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Top 7 Insurance Commercials: #6 Snowball Effect

After a look at India's best insurance commercials, we return to North America for number 6 from the Top 7 Insurance Commercials. This commercial was shot in 2006 by the Fallon advertising agency, the special effects were done on New Zealand by Academy-awarded Weta Digital Ltd, the post-production studio set up by Peter Jackson, famous for "Lord of the Rings". Besides an Emmy nomination the video itself has collected honours around the world including Visual Effects Society Award, CLIO ...
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An American’s Perspective on Health Insurance: Canada versus the United States

The ACA is the first major reform in U.S. healthcare in almost 50 years, and it has met with vitriolic opposition from Americans. One of the most common arguments against the ACA is that it's similar to the Canadian-style single-payer healthcare system (and, of course, that the Canadian system is inferior to the traditional American system). How apt is the comparison? Even from an American's perspective, when you examine the facts, not very apt at all. In actuality, even after the ...
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What Type Of Life Insurance The Experts Own: Ami Maishlish

Ami Maishlish President and CEO of CompuOffice Software Inc. 1. What type of life insurance do you own? Term and Whole Life. 2. What factors did you consider when determining the coverage amount? Asset preservation (including taxation as well as professional and administration fees) and bequests to children and to charitable organizations. (more…)
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What Type Of Life Insurance The Experts Own: Jason Lalonde

Jason Lalonde, CLU, B.Comm, FIC President/Financial Advisor at Twin Power Financial 1. What type of life insurance do you own? I own many life insurance policies — 12, in fact. I own two Term 20 policies — one for personal and one for business. I use them to protect my immediate needs and to provide me with future conversion options should I choose to do so. The rest of the policies are all Participating Whole Life policies, which consist of some 20-Pay plans and regular Lifetime-Pay ...
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Foresters’ FamilyLife Quit Smoking Incentive Plan

If you're a smoker that's trying to quit, Foresters will give you non-smoker rates. Though smoking rates are on the decline, there are still 4.9 million smokers in Canada, according to research funded by the Canadian Cancer Society. Foresters Canadadesigned its FamilyLife product to be affordable for the Canadian family, but they know that the typically added cost for smokers can be a deterrent to purchasing life insurance. They also know that most smokers just need a little ...
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Assumption Life’s No-Medical InstaTerm Policy

It's not an instant message, it's InstaTerm. Assumption life released its highly anticipated InstaTerm policy over the holiday season. Named 33rd of the top 101 companies to work for in Atlantic Canada, Assumption Life is already a leading carrier in the permanent no-medical life insurance market. It's trying to tap into the increasingly crowded no-medical term insurance market. On the other side of the spectrum, Humania Assurancehas already made a big splash with its ...
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