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Diets That Are Most Dangerous To Your Health

Despite the rave reviews that promise extreme weight loss and euphoric feelings, trendy diets, detoxes, and cleanses are never really an ideal way to get healthy. Danielle Battram is an associate professor with the Division of Food and Nutritional Sciences at Brescia University College. She explains, "All of these fad diets tend to be restrictive... My radar goes up on that because then I question, 'Are you getting everything you need?'" With that concept in mind, here's a list of hazardous ...
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Term 30/65 from Equitable Life: A Welcome Change to the Industry’s Set Ways

A positive innovation Are you looking through the available life insurance packages and not finding one where you don’t have to compromise about anything? Is it important for you to know that the insurance you get does not suddenly jump in terms of premiums after 30 years of stability? (more…)
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Term vs. Permanent Insurance: What’s Better?

For insurance brokers, the eternal question they hear all the time is when it comes to term or permanent insurance, which type is better? Our LSM Insurance team fields this question constantly, and though we will continue to answer it ad infinitum, we decided for this article that we'd ask the question to some of the heavyweights in the financial world. Canadian financial celebrity Gail Vaz-Oxlade answers the question this way:"Whether you buy 'term,' 'whole life,' or 'universal life' ...
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Life Insurance for Parents with Special Needs Children

Life insurance can insure the future of your child with special needs The Canadian Ministry of Employment and Social Development reports that 202,350 Canadian children had a disability in 2006, which accounts for about 3.7% of children between the ages of zero and 14 — interestingly, more boys (4.7%) than girls (2.7%). For the parents of these children, the "special" in "special needs" has a pretty large downside that is barely talked about. Many of these children require 24/7 hands-on ...
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21 Diseases the Doctors Haven’t Figured Out Yet

Medicine has come a long way since we used leeches and bleeding as treatments, but for every cure we discover, we find yet another illness that baffles the brightest minds in the medical field. Although we've made some progress in the identification and treatment of many ailments, doctors are still scratching their heads over these maladies. 1. Gulf War Syndrome (GWS): Not to be confused with post-traumatic stress disorder, GWS symptoms include fatigue, muscle pain, cognitive ...
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David Christianson | Vice-President, National Bank Financial

David Christianson Vice President, National Bank Financial 1. What type of life insurance do you own? A combination of term 10 for temporary needs (income replacement, earlier in my life for debt coverage) and permanent insurance, for permanent needs (estate liquidity for taxes, corporate-owned for CDA to help reduce tax on post-mortem distributions). 2. What factors did you consider when determining the coverage amount? a. For income replacement, I look at family expenses and the ...
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Assumption Life’s Vision for the Future

Assumption Life CEO Andre Vincent told the Insurance and Investment Journal the company's plans for the future.. Assumption Life took a huge risk in 2013, and it paid off in a big way. That year, they took universal life products out of their line-up entirely and decided that they would only offer insurance products that could be sold through their online platform. The plan worked better than anyone could've anticipated because Assumption Life was able to keep their entire ...
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UPDATE: E-Cigarette Users and Life Insurance

E-cigarette users are consideredsmokers by insurance companies. According to Health Canada and Statistics Canada, there are 4.9 million smokers in Canada (approximately 17.3%), and now that smoking has become harder to do in public, with laws in many provinces against smoking in office buildings, restaurants, patios, and generally anywhere indoors, many smokers are turning to e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes straddle a line of legality: they can be sold if they release vapour ...
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14 Career Choices that Could Threaten Your Future Earning Potential

Those addicted to the rush of adrenaline may desire a risky, dangerous career that keeps their hearts pounding and their nerves on edge. Take heart, thrill seekers! There are many everyday jobs that elevate the risk of an early demise. You know what else is risky? Being in these — or any — job and not having disability insurance. (more…)
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13 Unusual Ways to Die

Insurance is all about preparing for the unexpected. We all expect to die someday, and when it happens, life insurance helps our loved ones financially. Burial costs, income replacement, and more are not a worry with the right insurance coverage in place. But even for those that expect death, nobody could have predicted how these unlucky souls would go! 1. Draco: Draco, Athens’ first legislator, created a written code of law that could be enforced in court. The term “draconian” is ...
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