The Top Three Insurance Commercials

In the last article of this series, we take a closer look at no other than State Farm and our favourite ads promoting their policies. Now it’s time to reveal who stands on the podium and made it to our list of the top insurance commercials of all time in third, second, and first place.

3rd Place

1st for Women – So Backwards

Number 3 on our list of the best insurance commercials comes from all the way across the globe. 1st For Women Insurance Company is a South African company that (as the name probably suggest) is dedicated to insuring women only. They have run various advertising campaigns since their founding in 2002, with many of them focused on selling car insurance with various benefits and other insurance products. But the best ones are those that explain the very foundation of their company policy — why they insure women only.

[fvplayer src=”/images/1st-for-Women-Insurance-So-backwards.mp4″ width=”636″ height=”360″ splash=”/images/1st-for-Women-Insurance-So-backwards.png”]

How far could men go to win a bet? The answer is all the way to Cape Town and a few extra metres downwards. The main goal of this campaign is to show the target audience (women) something they can relate with – that men are sometimes stupid. And it is as simple as you saw above because there is not a single woman on this planet that has never witnessed a similar situation: men boasting, flaunting, and showing off in front of other men in a desperate need to show who’s more alpha.

2nd Place

John Lewis Home Insurance – Things Matter

This beautiful stop-frame animation insurance commercial was made by Adam & Eve/DDB for UK’s John Lewis Partnership, the third largest private company in the UK that operates department stores, supermarkets, and other types of businesses. The music accompanying the commercial is a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Don’t Stop sung by Nina Nesbitt.

[fvplayer src=’/images/2014/09/john-lewis.mp4′ width=640 height=322 splash=’/images/2014/09/john-lewis.PNG’]

As you’ve seen for yourself, the power of this commercial is in its marvellous artistic execution. The beauty of the classical stop motion, all swirling with soft pastel colours, is what makes it different from other cheap-looking ads and what immediately catches the eye. There is no need to say more. Just play it again and watch all the details.

John Lewis is also known for its touching Christmas commercials, most recently “The Bear & The Hare” — also a wonderful piece of classical non-CGI animation.

1st Place

Allstate Mayhem – Mashup of various commercials

The Allstate Corporation is one of the largest insurance houses in the U.S. and Canada. Their campaign called “Mr. Mayhem,” made by the Chicago-based advertising agency Leo Burnett, started in mid-July 2010 and it won many awards. It is widely recognized, and as you’ll see for yourself, hilarious. It was nearly impossible to choose the best from the plethora of their commercials from this campaign, so we decided to show you this 11 minute mashup of the best ads.

[fvplayer src=’/images/2014/09/allstate-mayhem.mp4′ width=640 height=322 splash=’/images/2014/09/allstate.PNG’]

These are exactly the kind of commercials that you immediately have to share after watching and talk about them with your friends. It’s just so much fun to watch that we have to admire the creative minds that came up with this entertaining concept. The theme can be used over and over for years and will never get boring. That’s why we have listed Allstate’s “Mr. Mayhem” as number one on our list.

The actor who plays Mr. Mayhem is Dean Winters. A keen observer might notice an ongoing joke through the course of the campaign — Mr. Mayhem looks more injured and his clothes are more torn and damaged because of the previous catastrophes he has gone through (or caused, to be precise).

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