Top 7 Most Bizarre Accidents

The world is an eventful place.some of these events are mind-boggling and others come right out of the blue. From very seemingly harmless accidents like playing on a jumpy castle to suffocation-by-death-cloud, these victims would never have expected to go like this! We really hope they had life insurance to ease the burden on their families — that is, after they got past the initial shock. Now, this doesn’t mean you must swear to never approach bouncy castles again in your life. So kick off your shoes, put your reading cap on, and dive right in to history’s top seven most bizarre accidents!

lake nyos

7. Burping Lake of Doom

Today, Lake Nyos looks like any regular, harmless lake you would find in Africa. But the burping lake in the northwest region of Cameroon was responsible for the death of 1,600 people and 3,000 livestock in 1986.

Magma underneath the lake had consistently seeped CO2, which was “normally” suppressed at the bottom of the lake by the water above. On the day of the incident, strong winds created turbulence, which allowed the dangerous CO2 to escape at a rate of 1 billion m3 of CO2 per hour.

Following an ominous rumbling, a dense cloud formed over the water until it reached 100 metres high. When nearby farmers went to investigate, they immediately fell unconscious. The cloud of CO2 (which is denser than air) proceeded to pour across the neighbouring villages and smother all traces of life in those below.

By the time the cloud rolled away, the very few survivors woke up in the worst way possible ─ to find their friends, families, and livestock gone. The once-clear blue lake had turned into a deep red from the iron — a reminder of the violent natural disaster that wiped out entire villages.

bouncy castle disaster

6. Flying Bouncy Castle

Art pieces are known to stir controversy, but rarely do we see them cause death and destruction. Unfortunately, this was the case for Dreamspace V, a colourful and interactive bouncy castle created by London artist Maurice Agis in 2008. Having been enthusiastically received by 250,000 visitors across Europe, the Dreamspaces had nice, pleasant vibes with a special music score to complement the mood.

“But with two women dead and a dozen recovering from serious injuries… the dream has turned tragically sour,” says Louise Jury from the Independent.

Strong winds tore the structure away from its installation. The bouncy castle launched into the air with 30 terrified people inside. Some people fell from the sculpture while others were crushed ─ resulting in two deaths and thirteen serious injuries. The fortunate people who didn’t manage to get a scratch escaped with a terrifying memory.

Agis vowed to never create such large work.

dancing plague of 1518

5. Dancing to death

We’ve seen the concerns that people had with laughing to death, but certainly not those to do with dancing towards an early demise! In July of 1518, a woman started dancing fervently in a street in Strasbourg, only to be joined by 400 others in under a month.

Authorities who witnessed this believed the only cure would be for the people to continue dancing day and night. To encourage this, guildhalls were set up, a wooden stage was built, musicians were brought in, and they even hired professional dancers! Those affected by this dancing plague apparently went for days without rest to later die from heart attacks, strokes, and exhaustion.

crocodile on a plane

4. Crocodile on the Plane

Twenty-one people and a crocodile walk in. One traumatized man and a crocodile walk out.

In hopes of turning some profits, a passenger smuggled a crocodile onto an internal flight in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The reptile was hidden in a sports bag before breaking out and causing a swarm of terrified passengers to tip the plane off-balance.

According to a report of the accident from the sole survivor, “The terrified air hostess hurried towards the cockpit, followed by the passengers.”

Despite the best efforts of the pilots to keep the plane in flight, the stampede of passengers caused the plane to crash into a house. Fortunately, the homeowners were away at the time.

The crocodile did end up surviving the crash but was finished off by a machete.

jack daniel's broken toe

3. Jack Daniel’s Broken Toe

You would’ve never thought that forgetting the combination on a safe could kill the father of whisky. Patience is a virtue!

Jack Daniel, who always had trouble remembering the combination to a safe at his distillery, was struggling to open it again. In order to vent his frustration, he ended up giving that safe a good ol’ kick… only to break his toe.

That’s where the infection first began — regular blood poisoning that claimed his leg and ultimately took his life. This is kind of ironic, considering he made an anti-septic for a living.

His last words were, “One last drink, please.”

death by coconut

2. Death by Coconut

If you’re planning to visit a desert island, it’s not getting friendly with sharks that you have to worry about. Instead, don’t be too relaxed when lounging comfortably under the shade of a tropical tree — because you never know when a stealthy coconut could fall from the tree and break on your head.

Falling coconuts are 15 times more likely to kill people than a fatal shark bite. In fact, every year, 150 people are reported to have died because of falling coconuts. The force of a falling coconut as it hits the ground literally weighs a tonne, so the impact it would have is, as you can imagine, quite deadly.

The lesson is: be careful where you nap!

beer flood

1. Beer Flood

Swimming in beer. To some, it might sound like a dream come true. But in London 1814, when a huge vat of beer containing 610,000 litres of the drink exploded, a domino effect ensued ─ ultimately causing 1,470,000 litres of beer to flood the streets of London, destroying two homes and a pub.

The town was poor at the time, so many entire families lived in basements. Many of these basements filled up quickly with beer, drowning at least seven people. One final heroic soul attempted to (hilariously) stop the flood by drinking as much as he humanly could… and he died a few days later from alcohol poisoning.

At least he tried.

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