Top 7 Insurance Commercials: #6 Snowball Effect

After a look at India’s best insurance commercials, we return to North America for number 6 from the Top 7 Insurance Commercials.

This commercial was shot in 2006 by the Prix Ars Awards.

Here’s some reviews of the ad you are about to see:

  • “Few insurance ads are as fun as this.” (Adweek)
  • “Brilliant visual effects” (Campaign Brief)
[flowplayer src=/images/videos/commercials6/Travelers–Snowball.mp4 width=420 height=315 splash=/images/videos/commercials6/Travelers–Snowball.jpg]

In the “snowball” spot, a man is walking down what seems to be a street of San Francisco and trips. As he falls and starts rolling down the hill, he creates a chain of incidents that lead to creation of a massive “snowball” that starts rolling through the city, destroying everything in its path. The ball of course is not made of snow but of people, objects and debris. In the end the ball crashes into a building, shatters and everyone walks away uninjured. The final words are: “When you have insurance that stays in-synch, you can roll with anything.” It’s a nice message of security suggesting that when you are prepared, all the unexpected events will be all right. Of course, it’s not true; death is absolute and there’s nothing insurance can do about that.

Here is a small peek under the hood of the post-production of this ad:

[flowplayer src=/images/videos/commercials6/Travelers–Snowball–making-of.mp4 width=420 height=315 splash=/images/videos/commercials6/Snowball-making-of.jpg]

Most insurance ads work on the message that life brings unexpected situations but you can buy the peace of mind with your life insurance policy. Other ads try to lighten it up with humour, this ad works with expensive special effects and a funny happy end. We like the superior effects, but the whole video is a bit too artificial and detached from reality for our taste. This simply is not what life is like in the real world.

About the Insurance Company

The Travelers Companies insurance company is the fusion of Saint Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Co. Travelers and has a very long history that goes back to 19th century. The Travelers Companies has achieved many important milestones in the insurance industry, for example the first automobile policy, the first commercial airline policy or even the first policy for space travel. They had gone through many mergers and acquisitions during the time and are currently number 116 on Fortune 500 list of the largest U.S. companies.

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