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News from 2013

Kidnap Insurance: Does Your Company Need It?

Richard Engel and his crew in captivity. Photo taken from amateur video In December 2012, star NBC News correspondent Richard Engel and his news crew were kidnapped and held for five days by unknown assailants while reporting on the civil war in Syria. The group was travelling with Syrian rebels when 15 gunmen loyal to the Syrian government ambushed their vehicle and loaded them into a waiting truck before blindfolding them and subjecting them to what Engel characterized as ...
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Foresters Announces New Streamlined Underwriting Requirements

Requirements have been streamlined, so your broker can get your Foresters policy faster. On Monday, January 14th, 2013, Foresters announced new streamlined underwriting requirements designed to speed up and simplify the risk assessment process so that insurance applicants get a ruling on whether they qualify for their policy faster and more succinctly than ever before. Some of these changes include the following adjustments: Unified Underwriting Requirements for All ...
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BMO Insurance: Term 10 Life Insurance Competitive Rates and More

Term 10 Life Insurance is not always the answer, but when you need life insurance for a short period of time, Term 10 can be a great fit. Most life insurance companies in Canada offer term 10 policies, and when it comes to some ages and coverage amounts the premiums are pretty similar. However, with older applicants and higher face amounts, the difference can be more substantial. Another thing to keep in mind is even if the premium difference is just $10 a month, $10.00 x 12 months x 10 ...
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Group insurance: Association Versus Broker Sold Plans

If you're a member of a professional association, chances are you've been approached about group health and dental coverage. This coverage can be a good deal for some businesses, but it comes with limitations: 1. Since most plans are sold directly through the association, there is no personal contact. Any service-related issues are dealt with through a call centre. On the other hand, broker-sold plans allow for a more personal response to service-related issues. 2. Association-sold ...
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