Top 7 Insurance Commercials: #7 Life Can Surprise You

This week, we’re starting a new series of articles in which we’ll take a closer look at the best insurance commercials from around the world. We’d like to continue the course set by our Top 10 Insurance Jokes and bring a lighter note to this serious issue.

Number 7 on our list is the advertising campaign for the Indian AEGON Religare Life Insurance Company Limited. The campaign launched on July 16, 2010. It was created by the Indian branch of the international ad agency Ogilvy & Mather. The three videos shot by Nirvana Films in Bangalore are hilarious in our opinion and work perfectly specifically in India, which is what the advertiser needed most.

The whole concept of the campaign works with the usual scheme of insurance commercials — showing that something entirely unexpected or unlikely might happen in your life and suggesting the solution might be insurance.

The first video, “At the office, too, life can surprise you”, works well with the proven concept that even if you are, or pretend to be, overly cautious, you cannot exclude all risks. We like how the young, chatty and confident businessman walks through his busy office with the agility of a jaguar just to find his favourite spot where he probably made most of his sales, chatting up the customer while resting by the window with the view of downtown Delhi. What we don’t like about this video is that when you’re finally starting to relate with the main character, a terrible accident has to occur and you’re left with a bad taste in your mouth. The looks of the two handymen at the end suggests that bad karma is a huge thing in India.

[flowplayer src=/images/videos/commercials7/At-the-Office-too-Life-can-surprise-you-AEGON-Religare-Be-.mp4 width=420 height=315 splash=/images/videos/commercials7/At-the-Office-too-Life-can-surprise-you-AEGON-Religare-Be.jpg]

The second one, “Mishap on your night out”, shows that sometimes you only need to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to become a victim of a tragedy. We believe that this video would work well in Canada too. Particularly, the reindeer costume is something that we can easily relate to. This time, the main character isn’t so dominant and the viewer can relate to his friends which makes for a much less sour viewing experience. The event itself is sad but the way it is presented is just hilarious.

[flowplayer src=/images/videos/commercials7/Mishap-on-your-night-out-AEGON-Religare-Life-can-Surprise-.mp4 width=420 height=315 splash=/images/videos/commercials7/Mishap-on-your-night-out-AEGON-Religare-Life-can-Surprise.jpg]

If you have never heard of laughter yoga, the third video may look very strange and almost infantile. “What on earth are these guys doing?” you may be asking yourself in disbelief. The agency did a great job with selecting one of the most obscure, but quite common activities in India. Adults, including serious businessman, lawyers or even judges practice self-forced laughter in the belief that it’s medicine by itself. But even such a seemingly safe activity can end in a disaster, just like when you get hit by a hockey puck jumping and yelling on a Maple Leafs’ game.

[flowplayer src=/images/videos/commercials7/Sometimes-laughter-isn-t-the-best-medicine.-AEGON-Religare-.mp4 width=420 height=315 splash=/images/videos/commercials7/Sometimes-laughter-isn-t-the-best-medicine.-AEGON-Religare.jpg]

Although all three videos show tragic events, the way they are presented probably makes you laugh, or at least smile, for a second. Schadenfreude is part of human nature, and maybe our proneness to self-inflicted disasters too.

In the upcoming part in this series, we’ll return to North America with the next batch of the best insurance commercials. Don’t forget to express your thoughts in the discussion and share this post.


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