Critical Illness Insurance: Shared Ownership

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Critical illness insurance shared ownership plans are designed for business people who want to obtain critical illness coverage and maximize any potential tax benefits.

The company must be a corporation with one or more shareholders and the company must have surplus cash that is not required to operate the business.

The plan is essentially set up as follows:

  1. The corporation pays the premiums for the critical illness coverage.
  2. The key person pays the premiums for the flexible return-of-premium rider and the return-of-premium upon death rider.

However, the corporation must be designated as a beneficiary of the critical illness insurance and the key person must be designated as the beneficiary of the flexible return-of-premium benefit and the return-of-premium upon death benefit

The tax benefit to the key person is that, if he or she remains healthy, the return-of-premium benefit is paid out tax-free to the individual once it expires. If the person develops a Critical Illness, the benefit is paid out to the company.

This is a pretty advance concept and tax rules can change, so it’s important to check with a licensed insurance broker for more details. You may also want to consult your tax advisor.

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