Life Insurance for Russian Speaking Canadians

Aman Kapur
Aman Kapur is one of
LSM’s Russian speaking brokers.

According to the 2006 census, (The latest data will be released Oct. 24, 2012) there are 500,600 Russians living in Canada with 102,815 of them living in Toronto.

With that in mind, LSM employs two Russian speaking brokers to guide Russian Canadians through buying life insurance and other insurance products. Working with a broker is incredibly important because they can shop the market for you and if they know what they are doing, they should have relationships with a number of insurance companies, so you can get the best price.

They can also explain the two types of life insurance: term insurance and permanent insurance. Term insurance is an insurance policy that is paid into for a specific number of years — in other words, a stated “term”, such as 20 years, 30 years or ten years. The premiums start off low, but increase as you get older.

Permanent insurance offers coverage for life and generally, the premiums remain level for life or can be paid-up after a finite number of years. However, the options vary, so widely when it comes to permanent insurance that consulting an independent broker should be integral to your purchasing process.

At LSM, our brokers work hard to find you the best price and policy for your particular family situation. We are all trusted in the community and are working hard to bolster our staff so that we can assist you in any language. To arrange an appointment, please call us at 1-866-899-4849.

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