New question in Life Insurance FAQ

Posted on February 28, 2012 and updated February 28, 2012 in Life Insurance Canada News, Life Insurance FAQ 1 min read

New question in Life Insurance FAQ:

My husband and I have been paying into a life insurance policy for just about 10 yrs now, & it is coming up for renewal. We have it basically for our mortgage, anyway, I have found out that I have hep C and have a few questions. We wanted to do a new policy so we have something afterwards, like after age 75, so if we redo a new one we have to do a health test. My hep C is just there, it is not making me sick or anything like that, but we are not sure what to do. Do you have any advise? The price has gone up drastically, what will it be like now? Thanks for your help!

Thanks for the note. You existing Term policy likely has a conversion you should explore this option before looking into a new plan.

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