Travel Insurance: Many Canadians are Uninsured

As reported in the September 2011 issue of the Insurance Journal, an RBC Insurance Ipsos Reid survey found that only 62% of Canadian travellers age 55 and older purchase travel insurance for visits to the United States and that 40% of this age group didn’t take the time to fully understand what their travel insurance covers as they prepared for their trip.

Many Canadians think they’ll be covered under their Provincial health plan. But, as pointed out by Michael MacKenzie, executive director of the Canadian Snowbird Association, this is often not the case. “The portability principal of the Canadian Health Act, with few exceptions, is not being met by most provinces.”

The maximum amount the province currently pays per day towards medical expenses incurred outside of Canada are the following:

British Columbia $75

Alberta $100

Saskatchewan $100

Manitoba $250 to $570

Ontario $400

Quebec $100

New Brunswick $100

Nova Scotia $525

Newfoundland $350 to $465

Prince Edward Island $1,055

Yukon $1,605

Northwest Territories $1,283

Nunavut $1,269

For more details on travel insurance in Canada, please visit our Travel Insurance Quote Page. 

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