Guaranteed 15-Pay Whole Life Coverage


Unity Life of Canada joined the Foresters family in April 2008 and as of Jan 23 2012 changed their name to Foresters Life Insurance Company.

Guaranteed 15 pay whole life coverage provides lifetime protection and a policy that is paid up at the end of 15 years with the policy in-force.

Many insurance companies in Canada have either raised their rates or removed their limited-pay whole life policies from their insurance line-up due to interest rates.

The following lists the top five companies in Canada that can provide $250,000 of 15-pay whole life coverage for a 50-year-old male non-smoker.

1. Union of Canada provides a $5,042.50 premium with a guaranteed cash value, at the end of fifteen years, of $37,817.

2. Unity Life of Canada has guaranteed 15-pay whole life coverage with an annual premium of $5,590. The cash value at the end of year fifteen is $60,270.

3. Assumption Life offers $250,000 in guaranteed 15-pay coverage at $5,700 a year. The cash value at the end of fifteen years is $47,000.

4. La Capitale has $250,000 of 15-pay coverage at $5,897.13 annually. The cash value at the end of the fifteenth year is $39,948

5. Wawanesa Life has $250,000 of whole life 15-pay coverage that costs $6,112.50 a year. The guaranteed cash value for the plan, at the end of fifteen years, is $22,500.

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