Changes to Whole Life Insurance Marketplace In Canada

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about the changes to the Whole Life market.

The Insurance and Investment Journal gave a snapshot summary of some of the enhancements to the Canadian Whole Life insurance market.

Assumption Life has introduced a new participating Whole Life policy, which is available on a lifetime pay or 20-year pay basis.

AXA Assurance added a rate band of $250,000 to its non-participating whole life product line up. The new rate band allows them to be more competitively priced at amounts of $250,000 and higher.

Canada Life increased the conversion amounts for children on its participating Whole Life products on February 8th. In addition, 96.87% of the dividends in these products were paid to policy holders in 2009.

La Capitale added a Critical Illness rider to its whole life products.

Industrial Alliance recently added a child life and health duo to its participating whole life products, which includes a portion of critical illness coverage.

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