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News from 2009

Desjardins Critical Illness and Life Underwriting Guidelines for New Arrivals

Desjardins Insurance gives new Canadian residents special attention when it comes to qualifying for their critical illness and life insurance plans. It is now possible to have lived in Canada for less than two years and get the full insurance benefits available to native Canadians. The only caveat is that the applicant must belong to one of the groups below and meet the following criteria: Indviduals with Permanent Resident Status Must have received documents confirming ...
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Weird Insurance: Weather Insurance

Although weather insurance sounds a bit unconventional, weather insurance is one of the oldest forms of insurance around. Farmers’ earning have been tied to the weather since the beginning of agriculture. Weather insurance covers far more than crops now. Rain is the primary target of weather insurance. Luckily, rain insurance policies are easy to find. You can choose rain accumulation policies (you are able to select if your golf tournament will be wasted by ½ ...
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Life Provider: BMO’s Universal Life Preserver

The obligations of life can be hugely stressful even at the best of times, compound that with a sudden illness, disability, or death in the family and suddenly, you're going down hill fast. That's where Bank of Montreal's Life Provider comes in. It's a universal life policy that gives policy holders and their families a plethera of counselling, guidance and referral services to help you through the tough times at no additional cost. Below are just some of the services available through ...
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Weird Insurance: Events Insurance

Life insurance, long term care, disability insurance – we all have purchased at least some of these products. They are well known options to protect financial safety of our everyday life. You may think the choice of different types of insurance is wide, but a bit conservative. But the world of insurance is more colourful than you would ever imagine. And some special policies offered may be a bit bizarre. One of them is events insurance. You planned wonderful romantic wedding - ...
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Desjardins SOLO and SOLO Health Underwriting Requirements

Desjardins Insurance has put together a life and health insurance plan called SOLO and SOLO Health targeting new Canadian residents. The plan is open to those who have been residing in Canada at least one year, but there are several exclusions and requirements associated with both plans. All of these parameters are detailed below: Requirements Have or have applied for permanent resident status Intend to remain in Canada permanently ...
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Manulife Cuts Half of their Term Rates

Manulife slashed half of their term insurance rates and that doesn't mean fine tuning. Thanks to the economic climate, Manulife is counting on the fact that fewer applicants will be buying permanent plans and more people will be turning to term plans to solve their insurance needs. With this in mind, it cut its term rates by a 50% margin overall. Effective August 24th, rates in mainstream markets such as Brand 4, ($500,000-$999,999) Brand 5 ($1,000,000-$9,999,999) and Brand 6 (10 ...
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A Closer Look: CAA Non-Medical Life Insurance

CAA's Non-Medical Life Insurance, tagged "Guaranteed Issue Life" is offered to CAA members between the ages of 40-75. There are no medical exams and the application offers a 20% discount to non-smokers. The other features of the policy are listed below: (A Closer Look: CAA Non-Medical Life Insurance continued...)
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CAA Term Life Insurance: Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

When it comes to CAA Term Life Insurance, underwritten by Manulife exclusively for members of the Canadian Automobile Association, it's best that you don't believe the hype. (CAA Term Life Insurance: Not All It's Cracked Up to Be continued...)
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Industrial Alliance Reduced Term Rates

Growing demand in the Canadian insurance market means Industrial Alliance has reduced its term insurance premiums by 5% as of August 10, 2009. The reduction applies to the following: New issues Term 10 and Term 20 policies added to Axis and Maxirance contracts Term 10 and Term 20 policies added to Genesis and in-force UL contracts. Pick-A-Term added to other Pick-A-Term policies and traditional insurance contracts. ...
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Standard Life’s GIC: Ideal Term Fund Plus

Standard Life's ideal Term Fund Plus offers competitive rates of returns and unlike many of its competitors its fully redeemable (subject to market value adjustments). In addition, it offers all the same benefits of an insured investment, including the opportunity to split your pension income as well as the potential to double the pension tax credit, the potential for creditor protection and the opportunity to bypass probate. The minimum investment is $25,000, there is no set-up fee, ...
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