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For the first time ever, thanks to its status as a division of the Communication Energy and Paperworkers Union, (Local 2040) the Canadian Freelance Union for independent media workers is offering a series of medical insurance plans.

Underwritten by ABC Insurance Services Ltd. and GreenShield Canada, the first of these is a guaranteed issue plan featuring no medical questions, and like all plans offered, covers pre-existing conditions. It’s called Value: Guaranteed issue and its features can be found below:

  • Only perscription drugs to age 79, unless specified by a physician, and no lifestyle drugs. (80% coverage to a maximum of $600)

  • Vision Care ($125 every four months)

  • Professional Services (Chiropractor, psychologist, speech therapist etc.) paid from the first dollar to a $300 maximum.

  • Medical Transport (air and land included)

  • Hearing Aid Replacement and Repairs ($300 maximum every four years)

  • Private Duty Nursing ($1,000/year)

  • Medical Items ($750 maximum/year)

  • Accidental Dental ($2,500 maximum/year)


  1. No medical questions or tests

  2. Pre-existing conditions are covered


  1. The expense maximums are very low. It’s very easy to use up $600 a year for example on prescription drugs.

Our free Health Insurance Quote Page aggregates the best health insurance policies from across Canada and can find the right plan for you. There’s always someone available at our office, so call us now at 1-866-899-4849 and we will be happy to answer all of your questions about this and other plans.

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