Desjardins Solo: A Unique Disability Insurance Program

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Desjardins’ disability insurance program is branded Solo, but, despite its name, it insures you will not be going it alone should you gain a disability due to illness or injury. Solo’s unique features help separate it from other disability insurance plans available on the market.

One major distinction between Solo and its competitors is it has built in a life insurance and critical illness insurance feature. In the event that the insured passes away or, develops a critical illness, they receive five-times their monthly disability benefit as either a life insurance, or critical illness insurance payout.

The plan is based on a level cost up to age 65, but the premiums are not guaranteed. They can be adjusted or the coverage can be cancelled on a class wide basis. The plan can also be renewed beyond age 65, but goes up on an annual basis to age 75. There is also a full return of premium rider that can be added on, if a claim is not made.

You can get a Solo Disability Quote and other disability insurance quotes from carriers across Canada at our free, Disability Insurance Instant Quote page, or by calling 1-866-899-4849. 

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