RBC Insurance’s Simplified Critical Illness Term 10 Plan

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If the only thing preventing you from taking the plunge and purchasing critical illness insurance is a complex medical test, then your prayers have been answered.


Thanks to RBC Insurance, you can now get a CriticalIllness Policy without a medical exam.

RBC Insurance has just rolled out a simplified version of their critical illness program. Along with the feature of qualifying without a medical exam, the plan is available in $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 and $75,000 face amounts to applicants ages 18 to 50.

Guaranteed renewable to age 65, the premiums are set like a term 10 policy. They are level for the first 10 years and then increase with each subsequent 10 year period. However, RBC Insurance does have the option to change future renewable premiums.

The early assistance benefit means 10% of the critical illness benefit is payable if the insured is diagnosed with prostate cancer, breast cancer, or skin cancer early and survives. Along with this, you can get assistant services to help cope with your diagnosis day-to-day and the Best Doctors service gives you access to diagnostic and treatment insights from the world’s top medical experts for your condition. Add to that, daily living assistance and resource lookup for day-to-day activities that become extra challenging due to illness, and RBC Insurance’s policy is beefed-up with a full support package.

The conditions covered are limited, but if you’re diagnosed with cancer, stroke, or heart attack [myocardial infarction] you qualify.

Check out our sample pricing grid for a 45-year-old, male non-smoker below:

$10,000 Critical Illness Term 10- $7.73/month

$25,000 Critical Illness Term 10- $19.33/month

$50,000 Critical Illness Term 10- $34.16/month

$75,000 Critical Illness Term 10- $51.23/month

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