A Closer Look: Industrial Alliance’s Unique Mortgage Insurance Solutions

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Industrial Alliance has term mortgage insurance plans that  provide various unique benefits to take advantage of.

A home is the biggest investment most people make in their lifetime, so it’s imperative that you cover your investment and protect your family in case of  financial catastrophe.

Industrial Alliance has term mortgage insurance plans that could provide a unique solution with various benefits to take advantage of:

  • A level death benefit or a decreasing death benefit.

  • A Pick-a-term Policy, which allows you to choose a term that’s identical to the amortization period of your mortgage and,unlike the bank, you can convert your coverage to a permanent plan at anytime.

  • The bank doesn’t choose the plan – you do, putting you firmly in the driver seat of your financial future.

  • You can insure your payments in the event of sickness or accident.

Industrial Alliance plans are also underwriten at the time of application. Unlike most lending institutions, which participate in post-claim lending. They do additional underwriting at the time of the claim, which increases the amount of time it takes to process the claim and the likelihood your claim will not be paid.

Take a closer look at Industrial Alliance’s Pick-a-term Policy, thanks to this example of a 40-year-old, male non-smoker with $250,000 of coverage.

$250,000 Term 10 $26.55/month
$250,000 Term 20 $39.38/month
$250,000 Term 30 $62.78/month
$250,000 Term 40 $90.45/month

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