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Empire Life’s Optimax III is product is capitalizing on Canadians renewed enthusiasm for simple guaranteed life insurance products. Whole Life sales as reported by Limra International were up by 13% in 2008.

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Optimax is a traditional Whole Life plan available on a Single, Multi-Life or Joint Life basis. Face Amounts can be as low as $5,000 and the coverage is available to insured’s age 0 to 85. The plan offers two premium choices:

  • Optimax 100 – premiums payable to age 100.

  • Optimax 20 Pay – Premiums payable for 20 years then fully paid up coverage for life.

The policy also has a full range of additional benefits:

  • Disability Waiver

  • Guaranteed Insurability

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment

  • Children’s Life and Critical Illness Rider

One quirk in the policy for children taking out a plan. At age 18 the insured has to submit a declaration stating they have not used tobacco or nicotine products (including marijuana) for the 12 proceeding months to get the plan reduced to a non smoker rate.

As with all Empire Life Term and Whole Life plans if another immediate family member has a policy there will a reduced administered fee of $30 a year.

Please feel free to visit our Whole Life Instant Quote Page or contact me directly at 1.866.899.4849 and we can design a plan for your particular situation.

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