Transmerica’s Critical Advantage plan – unique but limited

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Transamerica Critical Advantage is a global medical care insurance providing immediate access to advice and the best care through Best Doctors.

If diagnosed with a covered medical condition, the client and their doctors or specialists have immediate access to Best Doctors, the world’s leading medical information resource. Best Doctors can provide clinical guidance and access to a second opinion to help arrive at the right treatment plan. This system draws on a global database of 50,000 peer-ranked doctors to arrange care with the world’s top experts and facilities for your client’s specific medical condition. $1 million in affordable global medical care $1,000,000 CDN in global medical expense coverage, in addition to a $10,000 CDN travel and accommodation allowance. This unprecedented coverage empowers clients to follow their desired path to healthcare, wherever it may take them on the globe.

Clients who choose treatment in Canada receive a single payment of $25,000 CDN and ongoing access to the advice and guidance of Best Doctors. A simple product that’s easy to apply for Fast and simple application form and no medical or paramedical examinations required, so policies can be issued on a same-day basis.

Critical Advantage covers the first occurrence of any one of the following 10 serious illnesses:

  1. Cancer (life threatening)

  2. Coronary artery by-pass surgery

  3. Kidney failure

  4. Major organ transplant – on waiting list

  5. Aortic surgery

  6. Heart valve replacement

  7. Benign brain tumour

  8. Multiple sclerosis

  9. Motor neuron disease (ALS/Lou Gehrig’s)

  10. Parkinson’s disease

Lorne’s Comments

This plan is unique to the industry in Canada. However, it should not be confused with traditional critical illness insurance. The $1,000,000 payout is limited to global medical treatment. Insureds who choose treatment in Canada will have the payout limited to $25,000 CDN. The plan is available without a medical but the premiums increase every five years and are not guaranteed.

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