A new name: Manulife Securities

Posted on July 3, 2008 and updated January 23, 2019 in Life Insurance Canada News, Manulife Financial 2 min read

insurance-shelfManulife Securities is the new trade name for a group of companies consisting of a mutual fund dealer, investment dealer and insurance agency operating across Canada, following Manulife’s purchase of Berkshire-TWC Financial Group Inc. “We are operating as a strong national firm that offers new opportunities for independent advisors serving their clients across Canada, committed to delivering the same high-quality service we provided in the past,” explained Manulife Securities’ President Rick Annaert in a press release.

“Manulife Securities is one of Canada’s pre-eminent financial organizations serving more than 1,500 investment professionals, with the backing of Manulife’s overall strength and expertise,” he added. “We have a new look and are focused on leveraging the strengthened market and financial position of the combined companies.”

Independent advisors continue to be the backbone of both Manulife and Berkshire, and that complementary culture has helped to complete a very smooth integration, Mr. Annaert explained. “Manulife and Berkshire both bring a great deal of value to the transaction, including the financial strength, resources and track record to execute the best possible integration. The whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.”

Lois Medd
Lois Medd

I would like some information. Manulife is taking
out money out of my bank account, and I honestly
don’t remember why I have Manulife. I used to have
Blue Cross and am wondering if this is the same
thing. I would like to
cancel this but don’t know who to contact. Could
you please look into for me. Thank you.