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Globe and Mail – Fuel Costs drive
Canadians to park their Cars

Canada’s national newspaper, Globe and Mail brings a lengthy report on how companies are combating soaring gas prices. The paper interviewed our Senior Insurance Consultant, Jack Bendahan on his view of our decision to move to a four day work week.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:


Life insurance broker Jack Bendahan, for example, has switched to a four-day work week and now parks his Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible at home on Fridays — saving roughly $250 a month on gas.

“There’s a lot of driving in this business. I’m all over the place,” said Mr. Bendahan, who also co-ordinates his appointments and plans his routes more carefully now to avoid excessive mileage. He has eased up on the gas pedal, as well.

His company, LSM Insurance of Markham, Ont., had given employees the option of compressing their work into a four-day schedule a year ago, “but I only got on board on that three months ago.”

Mr. Bendahan is trying to sell his car, which takes premium gas, and is thinking about purchasing a more fuel-efficient Toyota Yaris.


Read the whole Globe and Mail article on our four day work week in PDF format.

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