AIG is now BMO:AIG and Best Doctors


AIG’s Critical Illness program provides competitively priced protection with a variety of plan options. The coverage pays out a tax-free lump sum payout upon diagnosis of a critical illness. The coverage is backed by AIG Life Insurance Company of Canada.

This plan does more than pay out money in a time of crisis—it provides additional knowledge to assist you in understanding the illness and treatment options. Living benefit clients get free access to AIG’s Best Doctors service, which provides a customized search of a global database of over 50,000 specialists who are best qualified to deal with the client’s illness.

While receiving treatment, Best Doctors offers assistance with medical appointments, pre-admission arrangements and discounts, and reservations and accommodations for you and your family. AIG takes this service a step further, providing your immediate and extended family full access as well.

Let’s look at an example of how AIG’s Critical Illness coverage combined with the Best Doctors service provides a unique value. Lisa, a 35-year-old stay-at-home mother of two decides to take out a $100,000 Critical Illness Term-to-75 through AIG. She adds the return of premium on death on surrender feature; her monthly premium is $100.80. Lisa stays at home, so she would not qualify for traditional disability insurance—if she develops a critical illness, she would receive access to the best doctors in the world, and tax-free money needed to help pay for the best medical treatment. If Lisa stays healthy, she gets back all her premiums at age 75, and if she dies from an unrelated illness or accident, her estate receives all her paid premiums.

Let’s assume Lisa’s mother-in-law, who is financially secure, has a stroke—Lisa would be able to provide her with more than just emotional support—Lisa can ensure she is treated by world-class specialists and receive cutting-edge medical treatments to maximize her chances of a successful recovery. One policy can have a tangible effect on the lives of multiple generations.

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