RBC Insurance’s Professional and Quantum disability plans

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RBC Insurance has four primary income replacement plans. Two of the plans are geared toward the professional market—the first is the Professional Series and their second plan is referred to as the Quantum Policy. The Professional Series is available with benefit amounts ranging from $450 to $25,000 per month. The plan is non-cancellable, meaning the insurance company cannot raise the rates or cancel the coverage. This is advantageous for the insured as they can always cancel or reduce the coverage, but RBC Insurance is bound by the terms of the contract regardless of a change in health.


The Quantum Policy is a lower-cost alternative for professionals and business owners. The policy is guaranteed renewable, meaning the insurance company can adjust the premiums or cancel the coverage on a class-wide basis. The policy has also a loss of earnings definition of disability, integration of benefits, and a focus on rehabilitation. The policy may also offer more flexibility in terms of underwriting.

Both the Professional and Quantum plans are available on a step rate basis. The initial premium is payable either to age 30 or five years after the date of issue, whichever is later. After the initial period, the premium increases to the ultimate level.

RBC Insurance also offers two plans targeted at blue-collar workers, farmers and middle-income earners. The policies offer less features and are available on a non-cancellable (i.e., RBC Insurance’s Foundation Series) and a cancellable basis (i.e., RBC Insurance’s Bridge Plan). Both these policies also have a step rate version.

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